10 Best Life jacket adult of 2019

  • 1.5mm Neoprene outer for comfortable fit
  • Zip closure and 2 belts for security
  • Multiple hinge point on front & back
  • Turns most unconscious wearers face up in water
  • Durable nylon fabric; adjustable belt for secure fit
  • Minimum 15.5 lbs. of buoyancy
  • US Coast Guard-approved adult life jacket
  • Great for wakeboarding, water skiing, and tubing
  • Soft and durable nylon shell and lightweight PE flotation...
  • USCG Approved Personal Flotation Device; Perfect For Wake...
  • Minimal Bulk Design Allows Full Mobility
  • Durable Coated Polyester Shell Creates A Strong Exterior
  • For use in all types of water activities
  • Adjustable belts stay securely fastened
  • Open-sided styling for adjustability
  • Mesh in lower back fits high back seats
  • Shoulder adjustments with neoprene comfort pads
  • SOLAS grade reflective material for visibility
  • Low profile, lightweight, compact design
  • High foam back accommodates high back seats
  • Breathable mesh lower back
  • For use in all types of water activities
  • Adjustable belts stay securely fastened
  • Open-sided styling for adjustability
  • 1.5mm Neoprene outer for comfortable fit
  • Zip closure and 2 belts for security
  • Multiple hinge point on front & back
  • Mesh in lower back fits high back seats;
  • Heavy-duty nylon fabric for durability
  • Adjustable side belts

Life jacket adult guide

Lifejackets for adults ensure their survival in the water by their buoyancy, for example, when the wearer himself is no longer able to stay afloat or she supports the self-swimming. Lifejackets for adults are therefore classified according to purpose in two different categories, life jackets and swimming aids. In both types of adult lifejackets, body weight is a crucial factor in choosing a suitable vest. Only a life jacket that fits your own body weight can save your own life in an emergency.

Life jackets for adults as lifejackets

Life jackets are probably the kind of adult lifejackets everyone thinks about first. The European standard DIN EN ISO 12402 states that lifejackets must have a buoyancy of at least 100 N. With this buoyancy, the West should be able to independently hold the wearer in a flowing water over water. Especially the head has to stay above water. This is especially important if the wearer is unconscious and can not keep his head above water himself. Lifejackets are therefore usually equipped with special neck and neck pads that ensure that an unconscious person is in a stable supine position and with his head floating outside the water. These vests are therefore referred to as powerless. Depending on the bait weight, lifejackets with a buoyancy of up to 150 N are available.

The Powerfly kayak life jacketIs suitable for kayaking, sailing and windsurfing. The vest is available in sizes M, L and XL and is suitable for adults with a body weight of 70 to 90 kg. The chest circumference should be within a range of about 110 to 120 cm, so that the vest sits optimally.

Life jackets for adults as buoyancy aids

Lifejackets for adults, which are used as a buoyancy aid, differ in several points from the lifejackets. The most important difference is the lower buoyancy. This must be at least 50 N for swimming aids and is therefore only half as large as the buoyancy of lifejackets. Another difference is the lack of neck and neck cushions and the significantly greater freedom of movement. Therefore, these adult lifejackets are mostly worn in the exercise of certain water sports that require great freedom of movement for the arms. Despite the lower buoyancy, the buoyancy aids can provide some security. However, these vests are unable to keep the wearer afloat.

Lifejacket Vario P4 blu by MESLE is a buoyancy aid with a buoyancy of 50N. The vest is soft padded and ideal for waterskiing, wakeboarding or rowing. Three adjustable beltwith buckles ensure even with a lot of movement for a secure fit of the vest.

Lifejackets for adults – which vest for which purpose?

A basic rule is that the more you get away from the shore or other rescue facilities on the water, the more likely you are to opt for a life jacket in the form of a lifejacket. In shallow areas, in shallow and well-secured waters, buoyancy assistance is probably the better choice. Important when buying a life jacket for adults is to make sure that the life jacket is suitable for your own body weight and size fits as closely as possible. Information on the respective weight limits can be found on every life jacket. Different manufacturers offer customized forms for their lifejackets for men, women and children. The special lifejackets usually sit better than the so-called unisex vests. Adjustable side straps and waist straps and the life jackets and crotch straps ensure that the vest can be optimally adjusted to your own body dimensions and in case of emergency does not slip.

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