10 Best kickboard of 2018

  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS AND EXPERTS - Use our swimming boards...
  • CONVENIENT AND DURABLE - Our boards are super-light,...
  • FUN FOR EVERYONE - Whether you're a kid playing in a small...
  • Practice your strokes with this VIAHART swimming kickboard!
  • Made from phthalate and formaldehyde free EVA foam
  • Lightweight yet durable | Ideal for kicking drills and...
  • Practice your strokes with this VIAHART swimming kickboard!
  • Made from phthalate and formaldehyde free EVA foam
  • Lightweight yet durable | Ideal for kicking drills and...
  • Material: EVA foam
  • Dimensions: 20 x 11.5 in
  • Recommended Use: swimming
  • TYR
  • Misc.
  • The must-have kickboard for every swimmer in every pool.
  • Ideal for kicking drills and improving leg strength.
  • Side finger scallops promote proper hand position.
  • Durable and designed with rounded edges for a comfortable...
  • Contoured bottom to fit comfortably against the body
  • For kicking drills and all types of aquatic exercises
  • Size: approx. 3x42.5x28.5cm, Weight: about 95g
  • With built in handles for easy grip. Designed to help...
  • Recommended weight (less than 65 Ib)
  • DEVELOP KICK TECHNIQUE - Develops kick technique,...
  • COMFORT AND SUPPORT - Kickboards easy grip handles provide...
  • SWIM WITH CONFIDENCE: Best toddler kickboard is deal for...
  • High Performance EVA molded foam kickboard
  • The swimming board is suitable for children, adult training...
  • Hydrodynamic design moves easily through the water

Kickboard Guide

Who can not decide, if he prefers skateboardor Scooterwants to drive, buy the best kickboard , The modern vehicle combines one with the other variant. To make the purchase decision easier, this guide provides valuable information and many practical tips!

The kickboard in short portrait

The kickboard So combine a skateboard and a scooter into a compact whole. While a conventional scootercharacterized by two rollers and a handlebar, that comes kickboard always with at least three, sometimes four roles therefore. Another difference concerns the handlebar: Kickboards have instead of the normal version just a knob. Like a skateboard, too kickboard steered by weight shifting. To support you push the knob at the same time aside. Kickboards are extremely nimble and agile. By being able to control them with smaller movements, they need little space to maneuver. This is one of the reasons why the companions are so enormously valued especially in the inner city area. But what do you have to consider when buying a kickboard?

This is how to find the right kickboard

When buying a kickboard, it is particularly the frame, the handlebar or knob, the rollers and the brakes of the models in question to take a closer look.

a) The frame: It is the most important part of the sporty vehicle. When kickboard you can adjust the height of the steering device – but only to a certain extent. Large people should therefore be careful to find a version whose handlebars have the correct basic height. A too low handlebar brings namely on the one hand a poor posture (back pain) and on the other hand, a limited sense of balance on the running board with it. Only when the posture is upright and comfortable and the arms are only slightly bowed does one have the correct position on the kickboard.

b) The handlebar (knob): As already mentioned, the handlebar consists of a knob on the kickboard. This should be good in the hand. Therefore, one must first pay attention that he has a good grip, so you can not slip while driving. In addition, it proves to be advantageous if the knob is slightly padded and free of sharp edges. This avoids unnecessary injuries during braking or collisions.

c) The roles: The roles also influence the quality of the kickboard. They should make a stable impression and run in a controlled and even manner. Whoever has the opportunity, best checks if the ball-bearingare clean and work largely noiseless. If this is the case, it is a good quality kickboard. Furthermore, the coating should be analyzed: Very hard rubber is rather unsuitable because it often produces unpleasant, scratchy noise.

d) The brakes: Unlike the bike, the kickboard needs a brake. It is mounted on the rear roller and consists of a brake plate, a brake pin and a brake spring together. In this case, spring and sheet are held by the bolt to ensure the necessary stability. While the plate acts as the actual braking element, the spring serves to reattach the plate after use and not to lock the roller. After purchasing a kickboard you should therefore test whether the brake immediately returns to the starting position after the operation. It is also important that the brake plate is stable and can not be bent even by stronger applications (such as emergency braking).

Drive with the kickboard

Once the new kickboard is there, it will of course be tried out right away. Due to the special control, some people initially have problems with the vehicle to harmonize. Especially people who traveled a lot with a normal scooter as a child, find it difficult to apply the special kind of movement. On the other hand, if you are familiar with skateboarding, you can implement the control method immediately. And for those of you who know neither scooter nor skateboarding, learning to kickboard is an exciting challenge, such as acquiring other (sporting) skills, such as swimming, skating, or cycling in childhood!

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