10 Best Igloo tent of 2018

  • Galvinized Steel Frame 1/2"
  • Frame will withstand high winds and hurricane like...
  • Geodesic Design - Great in high winds and hurricane like...
  • Kids can build any fort they imagine--with these strong,...
  • Children easily snap super-sturdy poles and connectors...
  • A handy step-by-step guide shows kids how to build...
  • Discovery Kids Pop-up Igloo Play Tent
  • Toy
  • Discover Kids
  • MaxCold insulation - 25 more foam - stay cooler larger.
  • Separate insulated storage in tent-top compartment.
  • Ergonomic, comfort grip handle.
  • Discovery Kids Pop-up Igloo Play Tent
  • Toy
  • Discover Kids
  • camping tent
  • playground tent
  • family tent
  • Great fun for any activity in the snow
  • Leave the competition frozen while they watch you fly down...
  • Fun and colorful times to make your snow experience even...
  • Top push-button for easy one-hand opening
  • Tent-shaped locking lid helps prevent spills
  • Lid swings open to either side for easy access
  • Galvinized Steel Frame 1/2"
  • Frame will withstand high winds and hurricane like...
  • Geodesic Design - Great in high winds and hurricane like...
  • Designed for indoor snowball battles.
  • The flexible frame sets up quickly anywhere.
  • The zipper free flap door makes it safe for kids.

Igloo Guide

Whether festival, garden night or holiday – the Igloo tent thrilled young and old worldwide. The practical roof over the head is subject to constant technical innovation. It gets lighter, more spacious, weatherproof and easier to handle.
In the past, igloo tents consisted of bulky and heavy wooden poles and a little weather-resistant cotton coating. Today, materials such as nylon or polyester are used. The poles are made of ultra-light and durable fiberglass. For local use in the garden, there are also igloo tubs with a heavy aluminum frame, especially in the children’s ward.

The Igloo tent is in the jargon too dome tentcalled. The name comes from the construction. Two flexible, collapsible by rope connections struts are stretched crosswise and form a dome with the tent fabric. The struts are guided through a hall tunnel. The ends are plugged into designated plates, so that the tentcan stand free. When weighted it can be used without ground anchoring.

On Igloo tent to travel

On hikes, mountain bike tours and co counts every gram. Therefore, here is to pay attention to the low selection of tent selection. The market offers models that cost just 800 grams per person. The packing dimensions also vary and must be observed depending on the use. If the tent is on backpackbe attached?

Those who travel by car may draw on the full range of igloo giants. There are, for example, igloo tents that can accommodate up to six people. Or the dome tents, whose entrance is covered to invite them to linger, even when it rains outside. Even igloo tents with separate sleeping chambers are available. Of course, such a construct weighs appropriately and is not as quickly assembled and dismantled.

What to look for when buying?

Should the tent only stay at a festival for a few nights? Then the following tips are to be read over. Otherwise, care should be taken that the tent has a special outer skin. First, you will not get inside the skin where the condensed water sits, so the moisture does not get inside. This prevents the known clothes clammy. Second, a double-wall tent provides privacy. There are no silhouettes of lighting.

Also important for a high quality tent is a double entrance. There should be mosquito protection. In the best case, the model also has a window, which with mosquito netis disguised.
Another amenity are inside pockets for storing flashlightand Co.

The tent floor should be stable and insulating. Some models provide a second floor for insertion.

An advantage of Igloo tent is that it is a closed model. Insects have no chance to get inside at the sides.

Info: How much rain the model endures indicates the indication „water column“. Particularly positive is a tent material, which can be impregnated regularly.

The family of tents:

Also a dome shape know the geodesic tent. It stands even more stable in wind and snow than one Igloo tent , Stability stems from the many struts. Thus, a geodesic tent is more complicated in construction and dismantling and also heavier. However, such a product is essential for expeditions in extreme weather areas. Compared to other tents, the igloo tent offers plenty of space.

There are even pop-up versions of the igloo tent. But caution is advised here: even if this simple structure seems lucrative, the packing dimensions are often impractical. In addition, these tents are often not as weatherproof as their siblings to be set up manually.

For trekking fans, the so-called light tents come under consideration among the igloos. They offer enough space for two people and very light in weight.

Igloo tent and the design

Funny motives and popular movie figures adorn many an igloo in the shelffrom Discountern and Co. These tents are to use for the fun in the own garden, however one should entrust these products under no circumstances its life!
Offers with discounters can be however in any case an alternative to specialized shops, if one wants to save money.

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