10 Best Gun case of 2019

  • 43"X13"X5" Interior Dimensions, Exterior specs: 46 x 16 x...
  • Watertight Seal
  • Pressure Relief valve
  • Two pistol, snap-latch, handgun case
  • Outside Dimensions: 15.5" x 12.2" x 3.6"; Inside Dimensions:...
  • For 2 automatics or 2 revolvers with barrels up to 8 inches
  • Interlocking foam
  • Contoured recessed latches
  • Strong and rigid ribbed construction
  • Carries two rifles with 50mm high-mount scopes or two...
  • Padlock tabs for added security and airline travel
  • Contoured recessed handle
  • 45L"X11"H padded main compartment to secure and hold two...
  • The secondary compartment is loaded with pockets to store...
  • The three large exterior pockets (2 each 7"H X 5"W and 1...
  • 43"X13"X5" Interior Dimensions, Exterior specs: 46 x 16 x...
  • Watertight Seal
  • Pressure Relief valve
  • Constructed of tight-weave, heavyweight 600 denier polyester...
  • Soft internal fabric protects firearm finish
  • Dual-density foam design incorporates internal open-cell...
  • Rifle/shotgun case stores up to two guns up to 50-inch long
  • Heavy-duty latches and comfortable molded-in handle
  • Made of high-density foam inserts
  • Pistol case stores up to four guns
  • Heavy-duty latches and hinges
  • Made of high-density foam inserts and contains security...
  • Interior: 52" x 3.75" x 10.25" Exterior: 53.63" x 3.75" x...
  • Interlocking foam
  • Ability to lock

Gun case guide

a Gun case However, you should not only choose the security criteria that the legislator dictates. And the higher the quality of the weapons to be transported, the less you should compromise when choosing a weapon case.

Statutory safety precedes
Legislation requires free weapons to be transported only in tightly closed containers. Therefore, when choosing a weapon case the safety aspect is in the foreground. To fully meet the safety requirements, may Gun case be accessible only to authorized persons. Accordingly, the case shells, the chassis, the frame, etc. should be built to be resistant. Reinforced, lockable locks or combination locksshould prevent unauthorized opening of the case and for additional security, the locks can be equipped with hangers. Even the unwanted opening of the weapon case, for example after a fall on a hard surface must prevent the locking mechanism of a weapon case. A strong frame and protective metal corners then protect the Gun case against mechanical damage.

Practically equipped for individual needs
Hunters, marksmen, security guards, and other gun licensees must carry a variety of weapons. Therefore, when choosing a gun case, you should also consider the individually required format for the Gun case think. Gun case are available in different formats. So there are special models only for long weapons, only for handguns or you can transport different types of weapons at the same time. In any case, the inside of a gun case should be organized as well as possible and offer the appropriate storage and mounting options for the weapons, including accessories. Apart from that, the safer, non-slip placement of the weapons and their accessories in a gun case is even more important the more the weapons to be transported are equipped with, for example, sensitive accessories. The most flexible one is with more universally applicable weapon cases, which are lined with bubble foam or a foam insert with dice grid. The molded foams give weapons of different types and sizes secure hold. However, if you always want to transport the same weapons, instead of mass-produced gun cases, those that are tailored to the type of weapon to be transported can be used, by being individually equipped or manufactured as desired.

Lightweight materials for easier transportation
Gun cases should also be easy to transport. Robust yet lightweight gun cases are made of impact-resistant materials such as aluminum or carbon reinforced plastic, so they are not only safe, but also easy to transport by a relatively low weight. In addition, a comfortable ergonomic handle facilitates carrying a gun case. Is it a bigger, relatively heavy one suitcasefor multiple weapons, rolling on the suitcase can further facilitate transportation by hand over a longer distance.

Protection against moisture, dust and damage
Gun cases are not only safe storageweapons, but they should also protect against influences such as dust and moisture. Therefore, it is important to choose models that have the appropriate tightness. The penetration of dust and spray water is particularly well prevented if the frame at the edge of the case shells is equipped with a circumferential fold with additional seal. Specially sealed gun cases are available in versions that are buoyant because they completely prevent the ingress of water. Other specially reinforced gun cases retain their shape and function when rolled over by the tires of a vehicle.

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