10 Best Grand Canyon tent of 2018

  • Tent-Applications: beach & home
  • Tent-Type: tunnel tent
  • Tent-Number of persons: 3
  • Features 13 functions to equip you for everyday adventures...
  • Stainless steel construction encased in polished ABS scales...
  • In support of The National Park Foundation's efforts,...
  • READY FOR SOME ME TIME: The SingleNest is the perfect...
  • ADVENTURE READY: Weighing only 16 ounces, the SingleNest...
  • TRUSTWORTHY MATERIAL: Falling is not an option, unless it's...
  • A 'MAN' SIZE COFFEE MUG (16oz) - Superior Size - Most enamel...
  • 2 PACK ENAMEL CAMPING MUG IN 2 COLORS - What's better than...
  • Grand Canyon Trenton Man Tent - Blue, 2 Persons
  • 2 Persons
  • Blue
  • Tent-Applications: mountaineering
  • Tent-Type: tunnel tent
  • Tent-Number of persons: 3
  • Tent-Applications: beach & home
  • Tent-Type: igloo tent
  • Tent-Number of persons: 3
  • Tent-Applications: beach & home
  • Tent-Type: tunnel tent
  • Tent-Number of persons: 3
  • Sturdy and very reliable accommodation for tent camps or a...
  • High quality materials, careful workmanship and high...
  • In relation to the number of people accommodated - small...
  • Grand Canyon Tarp/Tent Shelter Ray UV50, 302302
  • 370 x 300 cm
  • blue - blue

Grand Canyon tent guide

The Danish manufacturer Grand Canyon offers a variety of different tents for all outdoor use. All tents are characterized by a high-quality production and a modern design.
Whether for the garden, hikes, camping trips with the family or a night on the beach – the Grand Canyon tents are just the right choice for a trip into nature.
This comparison provides a guide to the different tent types and their benefits.

Alone or with a child and a cone – The right tents for the camping trip

First of all, there is of course the question of the number of travelers on each trip. Because Grand Canyon offers excursion tents for one to eight people. As with tents from other manufacturers, it is also important that especially tall people or people with a craving for space should rather take larger tents with them when traveling. A one-person tent is often perceived as cramped even with the high roof of Grand Canyon.
Thanks to a compact storage system, the tents of Grand Canyon can be conveniently packed in any size and thus offer an ideal way of tethering even for smaller luggage.

from beach tentto the tipi: Grand Canyon tents in great variety

A special variant of Grand Canyon is found in the beach tent. This very simple, open tentcan be set up very quickly and is perfect for a trip to the sea. Here it is on cuddly summer evenings to the sound of the surf in front of the campfire nicely cuddly, the open tent offers a lot of freedom with low weight. For stormy trips a beach tent is only partially suitable.
Closed tents such as Phoenix or Topeka are ideal here. These not only protect against wind and weather, but are also robust and equipped with canopies or an individual room separation. This makes the trip to nature a comfortable affair.
In high tipi tents of Grand Canyon especially like the high blanketand the shape of the roof, from which rain and snow just come down. In addition, the tepee offers the high space up not only standing, but also a good air circulation in the tent.
Larger tunnel tents are Grand Canyon’s option for families and groups looking for a little more space to camp. Tunnel tents are already available for three people and provide a shelter for couples, friends and small families for the night.
Variants for up to eight people are also suitable for long trips, the camp directly in front of the camper and can be used through their windows ideal as a living space when camping.

Grand Canyon – A good choice for every trip

Grand Canyon works with a lot of experience in tents and accessories, so that travelers not only find the perfect tent, but also a lot of modular equipment from the Danish manufacturer.
Whether suitable Sleeping bags. Camping furnitureor documents – at Grand Canyon, campers find the highest quality in all areas.
The large selection makes it possible to tailor the tent perfectly to the desired uses. Who prefers to be alone with the backpackWandering through nature, choose the small one-person tent that fits comfortably in your luggage. The large tepee tent is not only suitable for camping, but also as a tent for celebrations in the garden. Larger tunnel tents are ideal for groups where comfort is paramount. And for romantic nights on the beach or in the garden, the beach tent is set up quickly and a simple shelter under the stars.
Coupled with the high quality of Grand Canyon, the simple construction, the functional materials and the diverse offer, campers and hikers will find a reliable companion on all their trips with the tents of Grand Canyon.

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