10 Best football goal of 2018

  • Includes 2 goal posts
  • Goal post size adjusts from 4 feet to 6 feet in height
  • Easy to set up, twist, adjust and lock
  • Assembled size: 4' wide x 3' high
  • Durable construction that sets up or packs up quick and easy
  • Easily transportable using carry bag
  • Features 6' X 4' PVC goal post with water fill base
  • Goal post adjusts from 4' to 6' in height!
  • Includes authentic micro football with kicking tee
  • Goal assembles to 6' wide X 4' high X 3' deep
  • Heavy duty steel tubing, 1.25" OD
  • Precision fit locking pins for easy and secure assembly
  • Outdoor soccer goal for backyard soccer practice with family...
  • Weather-resistant powder-coated steel frame (1.25-inch...
  • Durable netting; Velcro straps make it easy to attach the...
  • Kids can enjoy realistic gridiron action in the comfy...
  • Comes with foam football, plastic tee, and youth-sized...
  • Goalpost has fillable base for safe and stable use
  • Youth soccer goal set
  • Includes 2 goals and 8 ground stakes
  • Goal size: 54" X 36" X 20"
  • 10in wide x 14in tall when assembled
  • Toy
  • Amscan
  • Training: The Football Kicking Holder allows for consistent...
  • Compatibility: The Football Kicking holder can hold any size...
  • Compact: well built and easy to fold the football kicking...
  • Is time to take your backyard football games to the next...
  • This Goal Post Set's PVC pipes and plastic connectors are...
  • Included: 6.17FT x 4.3FT goal post set (188cm x 131cm),...

Soccer goal guide

Introduction and History:

Not only children love to score a goal, but many adults enjoy it as well.
Unfortunately you usually do not have the opportunity to go to a soccer field or the playground on site does not have its own gate to sink a few balls. Remedy there creates its own large or small gate in the garden.

But first, what is it? football goal exactly and what does it consist of. An official football goal as you know it from the Bundesliga is 7.32 meters wide and 2.44 meters high. It has 2 posts (left and right) and a crossbar (top) made of aluminum, formerly mostly made of wood. The width of the crossbar and the posts are 12 cm and a net is fastened behind the gate. The first gate that had a net covering was used in 1891 in England.

That one football goal then usually does not fit into the garden, of course, for this reason, many manufacturers have developed different goals for home use. These differ in size, material and purpose, some of the most important goals we have summarized here in our article for you.

available football goal Items:
PVC gates: There are a number of gates made of PVC pipes. These are easily assembled, quite stable and can stand outside in wind and weather. These doors are also available in practical sizes like 1.8m x 1.2m from companies like Forza or Hudora. The net is made of nylon and is easy to attach to the post. These gates are usually also very light (about 10 kg) and thus easy to adjust in your own garden. Disadvantage is, of course, that these gates sometimes move to too solid posts or lath shots, even children should not hang on the crossbar and use the gate as a climbing frame. Price – In terms of performance, these goals are perfectly suited for a kick in between. Pay particular attention to the thickness of the PVC pipes, these should not be too thin.

Pop-up goals: These small goals, usually made of fiberglass rods and covered with polyester nets, unfold on their own. The principle is simple, because the goals are built up „alone“. Because they are very light they can be taken anywhere and be used on any meadow or on the beach. The dimension is usually 1.2 m x 0.8 m. Relaxdays is one of the best known manufacturers of these goals. The disadvantage of the small goals is (in addition to their size) also in their weight, so that they can fly away in a tight shot sometimes. The manufacturers have also thought of this problem and provide small pegs, but keep stable only in solid ground.

Aluminum mini gates: There are also aluminum mini gates in the sizes 1.2 mx 0.8 m or 2.4 mx 1.6 m for your own garden, but these are good 8-10 times in the price of the PVC gates so expensive. The advantage of aluminum goals is obvious. They can also stand outside in wind and weather and are very stable and durable. With anchorages they can barely slip up. The downside, of course, is the high initial purchase price, which will pay off over the years. Well-known manufacturers in this area are Sport Thieme or Powershot.

We have listed some of the most common goals that are of course not just for playing football. You can also use them as small handball goals or for hockey (field hockey or inline hockey). For on the way small pop-up goals are suitable, for smaller children the PVC goals and big kickers or club players should rather try to an aluminum mini gate. As further information, we can tell you that most goals can also use a Goal Wallbespannung, which can be easily mounted on the post and the crossbar, so you also have his own Goal Wallin the garden.

The broadcast with the mouse football goal 360p

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