10 Best Foot Pump of 2018

  • Compact heavy duty design
  • Durable steel construction
  • High pressure foot operated air pump
  • 11.5" in diameter
  • Inflates and deflates
  • Comes with multiple nozzles
  • 23 hose with quick release lock
  • Needle valve and adapter for inflatables
  • 100 PSI capacity
  • 23 hose with quick release lock
  • Needle valve and adapter for inflatables
  • 100 PSI capacity
  • Low pressure, high volume step down action
  • Inflates or deflates with long flexible hose
  • Comes with two adapters for flutter type valve
  • Compact heavy duty design
  • Durable steel construction
  • High pressure foot operated air pump
  • DUAL FUNCTION: The foot pump provides extra fast inflation...
  • ENERGY-CONSERVING: 5 liters/stroke. The foot-operated pump...
  • EASY TO USE: Non-kink 5 ft. long hose and 3 adapters to suit...
  • 100% Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee, To save your time we...
  • Protable and Durable: light-weight plastic is easy to carry...
  • Mulitifunction: suitable for all kinds of inflatable toys...
  • Heavy Duty: Industrial Design and built to last. The...
  • BIKE PUMP: This Bike Pump Features a heavy gauge reinforced...
  • BALL PUMP with HEAVY GAUGE HOSE:  Prevents tearing and is...

Foot pump guide

We already learn how to handle air pumps in our childhood. Bicycle pumps belong in every household. But to inflate large air mattresses or travel cots or dinghies, it requires more than a handy piston pump.

The principle of atmospheric pressure has been known to scientists since the 17th century. The inventor of air pumpis Otto von Guericke. A simple piston pump works by compressing air in a moving piston and transferring it to a reservoir with the manual stroke. The hub regulates both the amount of air and the frequency.

Ball pumps and co
For inflating balls, there are extra ball pumps, either as hand pumpor even with a valve adapter as Foot Pump therefore come. Of course there are also electronic pumps. The special thing about one Ball Pumpis that the pin-like valve ensures that no air can escape from the ball.

Travel cots and rubber boats need such a large volume of air that a hand-operated pump is not sufficient or would require too much power and time for the performance.
Foot pumps have the advantage that first with the leg muscles comfortable and back-friendly can be worked and that there are foot pumps with double cylinders. So with a stroke more pressure can be generated and dissipated, as by hand.
Especially when more than 8 bar must be applied, as for example for inflating tires in racing bikes, is a Foot Pump necessary.

Variants of foot pumps
Foot pumps work pneumatically. That is, they compress air / gas. But there are also hydraulic foot pumps. These have the advantage that they can generate much more pressure. This is because fluid can not be compressed so well, the pressure increases. If an attempt was made to generate the same pressure with pneumatic compression, the area would have to be increased enormously. Such Foot Pump would be impractical and also not be easily transportable.

Simple foot pumps from camping supplies are bellows. When pedaling the pedal Foot Pump the bellows inflates and upon release the compressed air escapes into the container to be inflated.

As mentioned above, there are double-cylindrical foot pumps. Here are two piston pumps mounted in parallel, which fill at the same time with only one step or stroke. The decompression is analogous to the bellows when releasing the pedal.

Sizes, shapes, price ranges

Foot pumps are available in different price categories and sizes. The weight varies greatly. There one Foot Pump but is not used for stationary use, these characteristics are relevant for the purchase decision.

Some models even have a compartment where adapters and valves can be safely stowed away. This is space-saving and useful, as always the right one Toolis at hand.
There is also a difference in the nature of the material. As with the home improvement needs should be waived fairground goods. Inferior bubble bellows made of rubber can quickly become porous and therefore cracked. The hoses should not chafe immediately.

Tip: What is the pump needed for? Is the hose long enough?

A good foot pump:
It is characterized by the fact that it has an integrated manometer, whose scale can also be read well from a distance. In addition, the frame should be such that it does not slip when pedaling or have a bracket that can be fixed with the other foot.

Some foot pumps have a telescopic handle like suitcaseto cling to.

Supplied with adapters and valves, or available as an accessory. Otherwise you have a foot pump that can not be used universally.

The pedal should have an anti-slip coating and be large enough to allow comfortable handling.

Anyone who wants to have their foot pump for repulping or for emergencies, for example, on motorcycle rides, should pay attention to how small it is foldable and stowable.

Informative: The output of a foot pump (and other air pumps) is expressed in cubic centimeters per stroke. Compare before buying the necessary power of the inflated object and the imaginary foot pump.

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