10 Best Fishing rod holders of 2018

  • This product is a 100% brand new Amarine-made product
  • Can be mounted to vertical or horizontal rails - Adjustable...
  • Rubber insert to protect your fishing rod from any wear...
  • Deluxe Tackle Rack holds for rods
  • Space-saving rod rack features integrated slots for one pair...
  • Mounts directly on your boat, truck or wall
  • Single Construction
  • All-In-One Design
  • Easy Installation
  • Solid pine construction
  • Easily screws into place for a tight hold
  • Accommodates up to 9 rods or combos
  • Constructed of High-Impact Co Polymer Material
  • Multi-Positional Mounting
  • Locking Rod Ring
  • White
  • UV-Stabilized Polyethylene
  • Front Access Hole
  • Single Construction
  • All-In-One Design
  • Easy Installation
  • Most popular value priced, positive locking, open style rod...
  • Universal cradle holds almost any rod and reel setup and...
  • Includes 241 Combination Side/Deck Mount and can be mounted...
  • Set of 2, Includes combo mount
  • Rod holders are fully adjustable up and down and rotate 360...
  • Spring loaded tension knob for quick rod...
  • This product is a 100% brand new Amarine-made product
  • Can be mounted to vertical or horizontal rails - Adjustable...
  • Rubber insert to protect your fishing rod from any wear...

Fishing Rod Holder Guide

Fishing Rod Holder is an essential accessory for anglers. This is used both in Posenangeln as well as the basic fishing. Although there are only two different fishing rod models, but the respective models are available in various designs in the trade.

Fishing Rod Holders – General

On Fishing rod holders allows the simultaneous laying out of several fishing rods, as you have with them while fishing hands free. ordinary Fishing rod holders can only ever one fishing rodcarry. There are universal fishing rod mounts designed for shore fishing and those for deep sea fishing fishing boatare provided from. Fishing pole mounts with a spike are among the most used models. In this fishing rod holder, the fishing rod on the forkset on the bracket. The forks of the Fishing rod holders have either a U or a V shape. These are intended for fishing on stagnant water. In these cases, the fishing rod is namely stored in a horizontal position to as much as possible fishing lineto be able to take off. For other waters own fishing rod holders, which allow an upright down the fishing rods. The so-called Rod Pods, which can hold several fishing rods at the same time, are usually made of stainless steel and are mostly used for carp fishing.

Ground spikes

The ground spikes are the simplest form of a fishing rod holder dar. The simplest models have a rod pad, which is firmly connected to a bank stick. The banksticks with a thread are a bit more flexible, as they can be screwed on to these different rod rests. A bank stick in telescopic design makes it possible to set the inclination angle variably in the rod. In addition to these designs, there are also earth spike models with a plastic or metal sleeve, in which the fishing rod can be inserted. In such fishing rod holders, the fishing rod is vertical, the cord is far out of the water. Even all-metal versions are available in this area. Such designs are also used in surf fishing.

Rod Pod Fishing rod holders

This Fishing rod holders comes, as already mentioned, mostly used for carp fishing and allows a safe deposit of several fishing rods. In addition, he grants the installation of a bite alarm. This fishing rod holder is very stable even on an uneven surface, as there are several adjustment options. Because rod pods are usually made of insensitive materials, they can be placed close to the water.

Boat fishing rod holder

Fishing from a boat becomes a very special experience with a fishing rod holder, especially as you have your hands free while fishing. Such a fishing rod holder is attached to the round tubes of the railing. In addition, it can also be attached to the angular side wall of the rowing boat. For fixing such a fishing rod holder has a screw. This allows a secure attachment. Thanks to the screw terminal, such a holder can be removed at lightning speed again.

Surf fishing rod holders

A surf rod holder is a fishing rod holder specifically designed for open sea fishing. The different models distinguish between the simple banksticks and the stable tripod constructions. The banksticks are usually made of metal and have a long and stable spike. Three-legged rod holders are suitable for surfaces that are not intended for the bankstick. In these models, the three legs provide a stable stand. The stability of the fishing rod holder can be increased by attaching the extra weight.

Material of the fishing rod holder

The fishing rod holders usually use the following materials: stainless steel, anodized aluminum, fiberglass and rubber.
When buying, it should be ensured that it is a weather-resistant design. After all, you have to expect all weather conditions when fishing. A fishing rod holder made of aluminum is always a good selection, especially if it is an anodized model. Stainless steel versions are very high quality. But their disadvantage is that they are a bit heavy during transport.

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