10 Best fishing line of 2019

  • STRONG KNOT STRENGTH - dynamically incorporated strands in...
  • LOW MEMORY - helps you achieve a better, farther casts, less...
  • GREATER ABRASION RESISTANCE - of KastKing braided fishing...
  • Shock Resistant For Fighting Line-Punishing Gamefish
  • Saltwater Tough For All Coastal And Offshore Fishing
  • The most flexible, easiest casting fluorocarbon
  • 100% fluorocarbon has a similar refractive index to water
  • 20% better shock strength
  • 100 Fluorocarbon Leader
  • DSF - Double Structure Fluorocarbon
  • Best Tensile Strength
  • Ultra-strong braided Spectra Fiber
  • Treated with Enhanced Body Technology for incredible round...
  • Varying Diameters (0.005inch - 0.035inch)
  • Superior strength and sensitivity
  • Teflon treated microfibers
  • Super quiet line flies through the guides
  • Unique design of paralleled roll track, lines never sink...
  • Soft and supple, easy to tie knots and giving lures or baits...
  • Round and silky smooth, easy long casting
  • KastKing - the ICAST 2015 Award winning brand, releases the...
  • The combination of the two materials maximizes the advantage...
  • Low Stretch, high strength, superior abrasion resistance,...
  • The most flexible, easiest casting fluorocarbon
  • 100% fluorocarbon has a similar refractive index to water
  • 20% better shock strength
  • Resists twists and kinks
  • Good feel for structure and strikes
  • Incredible strength for confidence and control

Fishing line guide

A fishing line is sometimes exposed to very high loads. It is not always about (exclusively) the weight of the fish that has just bitten. In addition, the fishing line slip over edged stones, get caught in plants or be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. So it means: For lasting fun fishing you need a stable, hard-wearing fishing line , This guide provides valuable information and tips for buying a high-quality execution!

Monofilament or polyfile fishing line – that is the question

Basically, between the monofilament and the polyfilen fishing line distinguished. Monofilament means that the cord is made of (single) polyamide thread. In contrast, many very thin and extremely hard threads (usually coramid or Dyneemafäden) are intertwined with a polyfile fishing line. For this reason one finds this kind frequently under the designation „braided fishing line“.

With regard to a monofilament fishing line, note that the thicker the string, the higher the structural strength. Interesting: Polyfile fishing lines achieve better values ​​in terms of carrying capacity at much smaller diameters. However, the thin filaments are also significantly more sensitive to abrasion – they can therefore break more easily under extreme loads. In addition, polyfile fishing lines are generally much more expensive than monofilament models.

The advantages and disadvantages of the two variants at a glance:

Advantages of monofilament fishing line:

– almost transparent (hardly recognizable for fish)
– high abrasion resistance
– long durability
– high knot strength
– very cheap
– suitable for: short litters (coarse fishing), strong wind

Disadvantages of monofilament fishing line:

– expands rapidly
– high load capacity only with large diameter

Advantages of polyfile fishing line:

– high load capacity (with the smallest diameter)
– low elongation
– enormous softness (flexibility)
– suitable for: long litters (big fish fishing)

Disadvantages of the polyfile fishing line:

– better visible to fish
– less abrasion resistance
– high cost

Tip: When deciding on a monofilament or polyfile fishing line, you probably have to try studying. It is best to test both models several times under the same conditions to find out which variant optimally suits the individual requirements and wishes.

Attention: If you bind your leader yourself, the high knot strength inevitably requires a monofilament fishing line (tip on the edge: the leader line should be very flexible in order to be able to absorb shocks caused by the fish).

Prices for monofilament and polyfile fishing lines

Relatively small price differences are evident in the monofilament fishing lines. Although some manufacturers like to point out special innovations in their models. Nevertheless, polyamide remains polyamide – and the properties of the material and thus also of the fabric-made fishing lines can not be fundamentally changed. The only exception: there are monofilament versions with Teflon seal. These sealingmakes the respective fishing line more durable.

Polyfile fishing lines are much more expensive at the factory than their monofilament counterparts. This is largely due to the fact that the production process of braided fishing lines is considerably more complex. For a 250 meter long string you have to count on double-digit euro amounts.

Ultimately, it does not matter how much money you spend on your fishing line. Durability is influenced above all by the care that you have in your own hands.

Tips for taking care of the fishing line

a) The UV rays of the sun are poison for the fishing line. In this respect, it should always be kept away from sunlight.

b) To increase the longevity you can rub your fishing line with a special care product. This ensures that the cord absorbs less water. By the way: If you want the cord to lie on the surface of the water as much as possible after it has been ejected, you can make it floatable with a suitable cord.

c) Before fishing you should check the fishing line. It is not always possible to avoid abraded areas that impair the load-bearing capacity. In such cases, it is better to sacrifice a piece of string. Otherwise, you may lose the biggest catch of the day – because of a torn fishing line.


When buying a fishing line you have the choice between a monofilament and a polyfile model. Both variants are accompanied by several advantages and disadvantages, which should be compared and weighed before you commit yourself. For a long shelf life of the finally chosen fishing line you have to take care of it regularly.

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