10 Best Figure skating skates of 2018

  • Top selling figure skate fits great and looks great
  • Easy care wipe clean boot
  • Sizing may run big, unless worn with thick socks
  • Protects Blades when Walking Off Ice
  • Drain Holes that Allow Excessive Moisture to Vent
  • One Size Fits All with Adjustable Strap
  • Completely Adjustable
  • Fits most types of hockey and figure skate blades
  • Change color when cold!
  • Completely Adjustable
  • Fits most types of hockey and figure skate blades
  • Change color when cold!
  • Figure Skating Gloves have Gel protection in the palm area...
  • Figure Skating Gloves come in Black and Beige and four...
  • Padded ice skating gloves provide warmth and protection...
  • Impact Resistant Padding: 1.5cm thick EVA padding provides...
  • Breathable Material: The material is lightweight and soft to...
  • Elastic fabric and Adjustable Waist: The adjustable waist...
  • 2 pairs per package
  • Mix and match colors, or wear multiple at once for a rainbow...
  • Fold over pants or skates for an extra flair of color
  • Patented rocker base reduces impact & joint stress....
  • Heavy-duty, gripping tread for safety. Wide, stable walking...
  • Made with recycled materials. All parts 100% recyclable,
  • One Size Fits all
  • Keeps feet warmer and protects skates from scuffs and wear
  • Protects skates from scuffs and wear
  • Professional style boot for optimum performance
  • Easy care durable PVC upper
  • Full quarter padding for comfort

Figure skating skates guide

Figure skating reminiscent of hovering on the ice, the jumps but then quite a lot require. Not only does the ice skater really have to master the skate, but also some of the skate and the material is required.

Skating is not a modern invention
This has at least proved some finds, because humans have quickly realized that he is faster with a skate on the ice. Therefore, some finds were interesting, as it was dated to around 5,000 BC. For one thing, the skates were made of bones and bamboo from the Chinese area. Of course, these had little resemblance to a modern ice skate, but man could already move on the ice at this time. So the natives of Siberia then took walrus teeth, that is, always what was available. But history did not stop at that time, but people learned to do so. In the 14th century, for example, poles were taken as security. Because the skates offered little support here and therefore little security. But that was too comfortable for the Danes and the Canadians, who also tied sails on their backs. So there were and are always ideas and ideas that lead to ever new and higher jumps in figure skating. That’s where the material comes in, because our modern skates are guaranteed to have nothing in common with those of the past.

Professional skates and their peculiarities
In ice hockey is rather great emphasis on quick start and stop value. This is again different in figure skating, because here the skates have to endure a lot through the jumps. At the same time the skids should slide over the ice, which then additionally requires an excellent grinding. But even the foot must be specially protected, which can then afford a really good skate. Leather has also proven to be particularly suitable here, because this firmly encloses the foot without restricting it. This may not be so important at the beginning, but the further someone progresses in figure skating, the more important this important component becomes. Because here also the ice skate has to keep up, so that the jumps can be caught. Therefore, some parts in the skate are then reinforced with wood in the shaft, so that the foot always has the necessary grip. In addition, soft padding will cushion the jump, because the skate has to be able to absorb and absorb many times the weight of the body.

A good ice skate is important
Of course, not everyone wants professional figure skating, but good skates are important. Because only then can this sport be carried out properly, even if then many a fall is inevitable. However, skids are also important, as a different kind is used for each sport. For beginners, this is not so important, but professionals have since been specializing in certain models. If you want to do a lot of big jumps, you need to shift the teeth backwards. In figure skating, these are further ahead. But for the private use that is not really crucial, but here it is more important that the shoes fit properly and support and protect the foot. No one has to specialize in specific skates, as is the case with professional sports. Here, the skates are also usually made individually. This always guarantees the optimum fit and of course always the right runners. But good and stable ice skates are part of figure skating, no matter if with or without many and high jumps.

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