10 Best City Roller of 2018

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  • QL1 fixation system allows for quick and easy attachment to...
  • Includes two panniers. Dimensions: 16.5 in. (42 cm) high; 9...
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City scooter guide

A Citiroller is a mix of scooterand skateboard, The popular vehicle has been manufactured since 1999 and has been designed especially for short distances in the city. Therefore, this special scooter got its name. If the Citiroller is not needed, it can easily be folded together.

Advantages and disadvantages of a Citiroller

Unlike riding a bike, a Citiroller in the city is much faster. While cyclists have to stick to the prescribed bike paths and are often not seen in the city center, users of a Citiroller are much more mobile. For years, the practical scooter enjoys an ever greater popularity. Not only children and teenagers like to ride their bicycles, but more and more adults are taking city strolls to Citiroller. In an urban area, you often encounter business sounds driving on a Citiroller. A small disadvantage is that not every Citiroller is processed to high quality. Cheap models are often not very stable. This is usually noticeable on the handlebars. Especially this area is very dangerous with a Citiroller, because the handlebar can easily fold up with cheap models. As a result, an accident can not be avoided. It should always be ensured when making a purchase that a Citiroller stable and high quality was processed.

What should be considered when buying a Citirollers?

A Citiroller needs a stable footprint and sturdy wheels. In the city center, there are a variety of floor coverings. From cobblestones, concrete floors to uneven surfaces line the path of a Citiroller. If then a Citiroller does not have stable wheels, then he will not last long. Particularly recommended are XXL wheels and vehicles with a height-adjustable handlebar. Some models range in size from 89 – 105 cm, 79 – 104 cm, 95 – 106 cm or 89 – 102 cm. The load capacity of the vehicle is an important purchase criterion. Many Citiroller are suitable for a maximum body weight of 100 kg. High-quality Citiroller offer maximum safety and are particularly robust. In addition, they offer an extra wide tread and a mudguardagainst moisture and dirt. Expensive Citiroller roll evenly and quietly. They are easy to steer and are suitable for a wide variety of floor coverings. Despite their high quality workmanship, Citiroller makes are not very expensive.

Citiroller are trendy

Young or old – the ride on a cittiroller is fun for everyone. The assembly and merging is very easy. Thus, within a few minutes, a Citiroller is available, which can be transported without problems in the train or in a bus. Unlike a bicycle, there is no surcharge for a Citiroller.

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