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Bullet Guide


Amateur shooters and hunters need solid basic equipment for their hobby or work. An important device for practicing is the shooting sport as well as the training for the hunting test of the butt The wall also called bullet trap is intended to prevent a threat to the immediate environment of the shooter, but at the same time allow for a better accuracy. In the height and width, the ball catch are quite different. They can be square or rectangular and are available from a width of 50 cm. For attaching many models are provided with a metal suspension. Other products are placed on tables or clamped in fixtures.

To have in different variants

Depending on the goal of the shooting practice or training level, there are the bullet trap as a classic targets with integrated bullet trap, or as a pendulum box with small figures. These ducks, birds or game or small tubes are made of bulletproof metal and are located – in one to three rows next to each other – inside the bullet trap. Depending on the type of box and marksmanship of the shooter, the struck figures fall into a collection container or simply fold backwards. By the way, bullet boxes are also used on fairgrounds at shooting ranges.

Ball scraps must be disposed of safely

As with all shooting ranges also fall butt Residues caused by cartridges. These must be collected according to the applicable regulations and disposed of safely at the scrap merchant. An overview of the collection points located in the immediate vicinity of the shooting range can be found on the Internet or at the responsible regulatory office.

a butt build yourself

If you have the necessary manual skills, you can butt just build yourself. For this, however, you first need the guidelines for the construction of a safe ball stand. Information is available at the German Schützenbund. Bulletproof bulletproof material is required for the construction of a bullet. Instead of coated wood – as it used to be used in the past – today metal plates are used. These must be welded together, which requires not only the necessary equipment, but also sufficient expertise in dealing with welding equipment and a welding permit. Depending on the purpose and size of the shooting range, the front of the ball catch as targetdesigned or come – as already described – different recesses with small figures used.

Buy a bullet trap – from your dealer or on the Internet

Who prefers one butt should also first seek advice from an expert. On shooting ranges are high security requirements and there should not be saved in the wrong place. Good models are available at outfitters for sports and recreational shooters or on the Internet. The company Kotte & Zeller offers with the automatic shooting range Walther a high-quality ball catch. The four shuttle targets inside the box are knocked over at each successful meeting. The middle target ensures that the four pendulum targets are raised again. At Schützenwelt.de there is a bullet trap in the form of a funnel. This is only suitable for shooting with the air rifle. Amazon also offers a wide range of bullet traps. Customer reviews make it possible to learn more about the quality of the products. Interested parties should therefore, before buying in peace by the reviews of other buyers click.

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