10 Best Bresser microscope of 2019

  • Bresser
  • Camera
  • USB digital microscope with 3.5" LCD display
  • Produces magnification within 20 - 300x range. Equipped with...
  • One of the main advantages of this model is that you can...
  • 8851300CRG000
  • 4x/10x/20x/40x/60x Objective lenses
  • Features SD card slot with 4GB SD card included (Supports up...
  • 180 Degree Rotatable head
  • Explore Scientific
  • Misc.
  • Children's microscope with accessories
  • For observations in transmitted light
  • Magnification: 40-640x
  • 8851300CRG000
  • 8855001
  • 8851300E8G000
  • Bresser
  • Camera

Bresser microscope guide

The manufacturer Bresser has microscopes for every age group and all interests in the program. From the simple goblet magnifier to the pocket sized outdoor microscope, to professional school equipment, there is everything. And, of course, Bresser also supplies the necessary accessories, be it eyepiece cameras, microscope slides, carriers for permanent preparations or photo adapters. What exactly is interesting for whom is not always clear at first glance.

Children are curious

Scientific interest is innate to most children. They want to investigate, observe, study, study and dissect everything. It goes without saying that they have even less sensitivity than adults and are much more compact. That’s why Bresser has developed special microscopes for children that clearly demonstrate the different magnification steps, which are easy to use and can withstand a lot. As a first step, a beaker magnifier makes sense. With the small container, in the lid of which there is a lens, children can roughly enlarge plant parts, small animals, geological samples or simply everyday objects and have a look at them extensively. Gobblers enlarge in the range of two to ten times, depending on the version. This is perfect for detecting plankton in a beaker of seawater, visualizing the structure of paper fibers in a handkerchief, and identifying the joints in the legs of small beetles. If children want to see more, children’s microscopes with slides are a sensible investment. An eyepiece carousel makes it possible to gradually increase more or less and not only to recognize the panicles of a leaf, but to go ever smaller down to the cell structure. The Bresser Junior series of microscopes come as a set with experimentation guides, permanent preparations and other child-friendly accessories.

Technology for better and lasting impressions

That children want to capture their experiences and share, is quite natural. A photo holder allows the camera so on microscopesecure that the results of the investigations can be recorded. Special smartphone microscopes can be used on the lens of the Smartphoneintegrated camera and do that mobileto the scientific examination device. Eyepiece cameras make it possible to document every single step. And when dry, dead, or well-prepared material is microscoped, it can also be stored using slides for permanent preparations. Much of this technique may not be as interesting for home use – but very important to caregivers, daycare, schools, recreational facilities, and the like. Accordingly, the camera accessory also fits the Researcher series of microscopes designed specifically for schools and educational institutions.

Microscopes for research institutions

The microscopes from the Science series are once again scientifically oriented. They have a technique that makes structures visible that are hidden in the normal brightfield microscope image. For research facilities and laboratories, these microscopes are ideal. Of course, there are also many accessories here, because the construction of the microscopes requires precisely fitting components. Of course, depending on the purpose for which the microscopes are intended, they differ in technology and construction. Magnifications in the range of 40x to 1000x are possible here, all microscopes have stereo lenses and can be supplied with power via USB or mains adapter.

Digital microscopes

Bresser has several digital microscopes in the program that allow you to view samples on a screen. Although these microscopes are not so interesting for research institutions, they can be of advantage if the microscopy is to be performed simultaneously with several persons or should be documented. There have already been awards from the magazine c’t: pet owners use this technique, for example, to track the parasite infestation of their animals and to determine the parasites. After all, microscopes are not only for research, but are also used in medicine.

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