10 Best boathook of 2019

  • Extendable Fiberglass Pole (3 sizes)
  • Pole Extension Quick Lock Mechanism
  • Removable Flexible Loop (Standard or XL)
  • EASY HANDLING - We put a 2nd grip on our boat hook for...
  • THE REACH YOU NEED - With a 3 part telescopic hook you can...
  • MULTIPURPOSE - Push, Pull, Scrub. This boat hook does...
  • 53 inches to 92 inches
  • Constructed of anodized aluminum
  • Two piece telescoping handle
  • Garelick Boat Hooks Extend Your Reach!
  • A Necessity For Any Boat When Docking, Launching, Retrieving...
  • Lightweight, Durable Aluminum Is Well Balanced With Maximum...
  • Adjustable 5' - 9' length
  • Ergonomic tear-drop design
  • Easily wash higer areas on your RV, boat, home, etc.
  • Extendable Fiberglass Pole (3 sizes)
  • Pole Extension Quick Lock Mechanism
  • Removable Flexible Loop (Standard or XL)
  • Strongest Telescopic locking mechanism on the market
  • Lifetime guaranteed unbreakable hook end
  • Rated best overall boat hook
  • MARINE Boat Hook Head - Boathook - Nautical Maritime Boat...
  • Recently Made Best Quality - 100% Satisfaction - Solid...
  • About us: Brass Blessing offers an extensive variety of...
  • Lightweight floating boat utility pole and 1.5" grab hook
  • Telescopes from 42-96" with a twists-lock design
  • Great for retrieving boats, aiding with mooring, launching,...
  • 53 inches to 92 inches
  • Constructed of anodized aluminum
  • Two piece telescoping handle

Boat hook guide

Boat Hook –

the universal helpers at sea and on land

As boathook is a long pole called, which is provided at one end with the typical boat hook tip. This is a sturdy part with lace and hooks. Colloquially becomes such Toolsometimes also referred to as grappling hook. This is not correct. Grappling hooks serve the attack. Pirates use grappling hooks to approach alien ships. Much more appropriate is the term ‚Peekhaken‘, which is used in Low German. This name is derived from the powerful tip that the boathook so distinctive and quite a bit dangerous looks.

Boat hooks are universal devices that are used on board in different ways. When putting on and taking off they are simply indispensable. The hook is used to pull the ship towards the feeder. The tip is used, among other things, to repel or increase the distance to obstacles. The special shape of the boat hook ensures that ropes can be loosened even from a relatively long distance. Experienced sailors even manage with one boathook professionally knotting a rope. If something accidentally goes overboard, it can be done with the boathook quickly be fished out of the water again.

Because boathook As practical, many use the bar with boat hook tip even on land. No matter whether you want to reach long shoots of a tree in the garden or in the house skylightcan not reach – with a telescopic boat hook can solve such problems easily.

How to find the optimal boat hook

Originally boathooks were attached to long wooden stems. Today, mainly models made of aluminum are offered in the trade. This material has several advantages: It is characterized by a low density and is still very stable. In addition, aluminum is robust and weather-resistant. Rain and sun can not harm this material if an aluminum boat hook is attached to deck. Especially useful are telescopic handles. These consist of two or more nested tubes. The tubes run easily and can be pulled out to the desired length with minimal effort. Important is also the tip. It must be reliably attached to the rod. An ergonomically shaped handle ensures that the boat hook fits comfortably in the hand and can be safely guided even during complicated maneuvers. Make sure that your new boat hook is buoyant.

These boat hooks are recommended

MOTIVEX offers a boat hook that meets the mentioned criteria very well. The hook is made of aluminum and therefore easy to handle. With the help of the telescopic handle, the length can be varied in the range between 1.20 m and 2.10 m. This saves space when stowing, so this practical boat hook can easily be stored in a small paddle boat. If the full length is used, the boat hook is still surprisingly stable. The handle is made of plastic and ensures safe handling. The tip is solidly connected to the telescopic handle by riveting. If the part accidentally goes overboard, do not panic. This boat hook floats and can be fished out of the water again.

If you are looking for a robust, easy-to-handle boat hook, you should also contact Yachtglanz R.G. look around. With a handle diameter of 30 mm, the boat hook of this provider is slightly stronger than the products of the competition. The telescopic rod can be extended from 120 cm to 205 cm. By a slight rotation, the rod can be locked in the desired length. The boat hook made of aluminum is still light and buoyant, which significantly reduces the risk of loss. An ergonomically designed handle made of plastic ensures that this boat hook can handle safely.

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