10 Best Biker vest of 2019

  • 1.2 Premium Cowhide
  • Satin Lining
  • Dual Inside Concealed Weapon Pockets
  • Outer shell is made of cowhide Leather.
  • Dual action; snap buttons on front and the front metal...
  • Large front and back panels for patches.
  • 10 Pockets Model
  • Laced Sides
  • Genuine Leather
  • 10 Pockets Model
  • Laced Sides
  • Genuine Leather
  • Black Snaps
  • Lace-Up Sides
  • 2 Front Pockets
  • QUALITY LEATHER: Made of Premium Cowhide leather 1.1-1.2mm
  • CLUB STYLE VEST: Club members love this vest, add your...
  • GUN POCKETS: Built in Dual Side Concealed Weapon & Ammo...
  • 1.2 Premium Cowhide
  • Satin Lining
  • Dual Inside Concealed Weapon Pockets
  • 100% COTTON DENIM: this material achieves a relaxed,...
  • REMOVABLE HOODIE: this hoodie can be added or removed as the...
  • CONCEALED GUN POCKETS: there are two built-in gun pockets on...
  • Please follow size instructions to avoid ordering the wrong...
  • 14.5oz 100% Cotton Denim Material
  • Zipper Front Opening w/ Concealed Snaps
  • Made from thick leather
  • Open model, closure with chain and d-ring hook only, no...
  • 2 outside & 2 lining pockets

Biker vest advisor

Under the term Biker vest hides much more than just a garment. While used as a symbol of belonging in the biker scene, in the fashion industry it has long been considered the garment that can be combined with all sorts of outfits.

Biker vest in the biker scene

Within the biker scene is one Biker vest as an affiliation symbol to a particular motorcycle club or motorbike carpool. Here is the Biker vest used either in jeans or leather. These are usually provided with the so-called patches. The patches are patches, which contain the information on the origin of the biker as well as the affiliation to the respective motorcycle club or carpool. The Biker vest is in the biker scene as the synonym for a particular subculture and way of life. But in the rest of society, the Biker vest interpreted differently. In addition to the name biker vest is also the name cowl in this sense familiar. This is worn by the wearers both on motorcycle rides as well as in the spare time. The wearers of these biker vests associate these with a certain sense of belonging and an important symbol of their own identity.
Biker vests, or cowls, are available in all price ranges and differ from each other both in terms of the material used and due to certain quality characteristics. Accordingly, they are available in different price ranges. The biker vests made of jeans are worn less and less in the biker scene.
The high quality biker vests are weather and waterproof and offer their wearers in case of falls and accidents sufficient protection. Because such biker vests are equipped with Kevlar. In addition, these have a low weight and are also resistant to abrasion. Since these diverse weather conditions are exposed, they also have one sun protectionand have a temperature-insulating effect so that they can be worn as long as possible every day.
The inferior biker vests are significantly cheaper in price and have limited or hardly resistance to various influences. When buying these should be taken to ensure that the biker vest is bought one to two sizes larger so that if necessary, a jacket can be underneath attracted.

Biker vest in the fashion industry

Outside the biker scene, the biker vest is considered a very popular piece of clothing for both men and women. Because this can be easily combined with all imaginable outfits. In the biker vests, which are not used as a cowl and have little to do with the motorcycle world, the biker vests can be purchased from all sorts of materials. This is often worn by all age groups and belongs together with the biker jacket to the garments, which are considered classic and timeless. No matter if body-conscious or rather casual – with a biker vest every outfit can be spiced up successfully. Because the biker vest fits just perfect for anything – from a jeans to a mini skirt. The color range is not limited to the black in these biker vests, especially not when worn by women.

Biker vest as a safety measure

A biker vest is primarily associated with the biker scene or with a symbol. But in addition to the classic cowl, motorcycle riders also use various other motorcycle vests. The goal of this is the necessary protection for the motorcyclist – both the protection against the various influences and weather as well as the necessary accident protection. For some years even motorcycle vests are available with airbags in the trade, in order to offer motorcyclists the optimum safety on the road. This inflates during the fall, before the motorcyclist touches the crash object. Such a motorcycle vest is based on two different operating principles. At the first, the driver attaches a ripcord to the motorcycle. If the rider separates from the seat during the fall, the ripcord is pulled and the airbag motorcycle vest inflates within milliseconds. On the second principle, the sensors on the motorcycle send a trigger signal to the vest as soon as the imminent crash is detected. Detection occurs due to negative acceleration and inclination of the motorcycle. In the second system, the tripping time is shorter than in the model with the ripcord.

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