10 Best Bicycle Horn of 2019

  • No batteries or cartridges required
  • Volume control switch
  • Clamp for mounting on 22 - 26mm handlebar
  • MATERIAL: Polished stainless steel is non-fading, durable...
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Just use a hex key/screwdriver(not...
  • HORN SIZE: Length-18cm(7.0"); Horn ball diameter -...
  • Great novelty horn
  • Fits most handlebars
  • Great novelty horn
  • Fits most handlebars
  • Steel Construction
  • Mounts to Most Handlebars
  • Certified lead-free paint
  • Mini Size & Loud Volume, Toptrek Electric Bike Bell can...
  • USB Rechargeable, Our Bicycle Bell built-in 280mAh lithium...
  • Separate Switch Design, Control switch and the bicycle horn...
  • Chrome horn
  • ✔【LARGE CAPACITY AND DURABLE】 Fineed bike light horn...
  • ✔【SUPER BRIGHT TO KEEP YOUR SAFE】 adopt of extra...
  • ✔【120 DB HORN】 Fineed cycle horns unique designed with...
  • No batteries or cartridges required
  • Volume control switch
  • Clamp for mounting on 22 - 26mm handlebar
  • Four switches control 4 tone of police whistle
  • Another switch controls the flash modes of the police light
  • Mades you be seen and heard at night when riding, enables...

Bicycle Horn Guide

Bicycle Horns –

more than a funny bauble

Bicycling has driven to the trend sport, which provides in the spare time perfect for physical balance to predominantly sedentary occupation. And even in city centers, more and more men and women are deliberately opting for the bike to go to work or to the university. Unfortunately, cycling in the city is not quite safe. Many motorists are the fast cyclists a thorn in the eye. Maybe they are just jealous that a bike is much more portable than a car and the cyclists have it much easier to find a parking space?

But not infrequently there are also conflicts between pedestrians and cyclists. In many cities, both groups use shared paths. In order to avoid collisions, the cyclists must give clear warning signals. We are in a ktitic moment on his Bicycle Bellleaves, can quickly get into dangerous situations. In the loud traffic noise, as it is usual in rush hour in many cities, the quiet bells often go under unheard. As an alternative, bike horns offer. These snd are significantly louder than most ringers and provide much better attention.

Types of bicycle horns

Who is one? Bicycle Horn want to purchase, can choose from very different designs and volumes. The easiest way to work is the horns, which consist of a rubber ball and a bell. The compressed air required to produce the sound is simply generated by pressing the rubber ball together. Somewhat more comfortable, but also more expensive, are horns that are equipped with a replaceable compressed air tank. With the latter, significantly higher volumes can be generated. Although this is definitely desirable in traffic, it can possibly bring a fine to the honking driver.

Most bicycle horns that are offered in the trade, have children as a target group. These horns are striking not only acoustically, but also in terms of design. In this assortment you have the choice between known cartoon characters and various animal species. Hello Kitty, capt’n Sharky or funny ladybirds – here every boy and every girl finds his favorite motive.

What about the legal regulations?

According to StVO every bike must be equipped with a well-functioning bell. In Germany attaching a horn to the Fahrra is expressly prohibited. To read is this prohibition in § 64 a of the StVZO. Things are different in Austria. There RAdfahrer have the choice between bell and horn. Paragraph 1 of the Bicycle Ordinance merely stipulates that a device for the emission of acoustic signals must be present on every bicycle.

Those who want to improve their safety in Germany by using a Fahrradhuope usually resort to a simple trick. On the bike, a horn may not be attached – on the body of the cyclist or on the luggage already.

The right one for every need Bicycle Horn

For your little daughter should be the pink Princess Bicycle Horn Disney is the right choice.

It gets especially loud with the two-tone fanfare of a Dutch company. Carpoint supplies the passenger cars and Dyto handles the vehicle parts. The products of this supplier are characterized by high quality and solid workmanship. The loud fanfare, which also provides general attention because of their bright red color design, has a power of 108 W and requires a lithium battery as a power supply.

A classic Bicycle Horn offers the company Ma byciclette. But on closer inspection, it soon becomes clear that this model is a product that is more fun than traffic safety. Who cares for this chic, shiny Bicycle Horn decides that is the general in the football stadium or at the bachelor party
Attention certainly.

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