10 Best Bedchair of 2018

  • Holi-us
  • Health and Beauty
  • Holi-us
  • Health and Beauty
  • On/Off switch
  • Blinking light and adjustable-volume audio alerts
  • Can be placed at the bedside or wheelchair
  • Matthew & William Clark McEwen (inventors). McEwen
  • HMSO
  • Hardcover
  • Special promotion: Purchase 1 item to get a free...
  • Completely flat profile for a good nights sleep.Maximum load...
  • Super quick and easy to use. Simply unclip and...
  • Equipped with a removable/adjustable pillow, great for use...
  • Dual finger tip locking system make it safer to use, Better...
  • The foldable Chair comes fully assembled. Easy to fold...
  • Special promotion: Purchase 1 item to get a free...
  • Designed for brollies and smaller shelters.Maximum load...
  • Super quick and easy to use .Simply unclip and unfold
  • MDI
  • Health and Beauty
  • NGT
  • Misc.
  • Trakker RLX 6-Leg Bedchair
  • Standard 6 Leg Bed

Bedchair Guide

Bedchair – comfortable loungerwhich offers not only anglers maximum comfort

If you spend your free time in the open air as often as possible, in the tentor passionate angler is interested sooner or later in the subject of camping or cots. Inexperienced campers often opt for air mattresses when they buy their first gear. Air mattresses have the advantage that they take up very little space during transport, but unfortunately the inflatable mattresses are not really comfortable. In the morning, after spending a restless night on the swaying surface, most people stand up with aching backs.

If you are looking for a really comfortable lounger for your next camping holiday, you should try the term ‚Bedchair‘. These special loungers, which can be folded together for transport, are also offered under the name ‚carp lounger‘. The peculiar name is irritating for many potential buyers, but can easily be explained: carp are among the nocturnal fish. The chances of getting a magnificent carp to the fishing rodThat’s why they’re the biggest in the dark. Often the carp anglers are waiting for many hours in the dark at low temperatures and waiting for a bite. The one who is Bedchair or his Bed Chairtakes to the lake, the long wait spends much more comfortable.

What are the differences between one Bedchair and a camping couch?

In conventional camp bedserve mostly U-shaped bent strap as legs. In a campground with a solid surface or in the guest room, these stirrups are stable. On the lake shore, however, the soil is mostly softened or even boggy. To such conditions is a Bedchair perfectly adapted. These loungers have six or eight support feet, which may be additionally provided with so-called sludge plates. These plates increase the contact surface of the feet and prevent sinking into the muddy ground. Even on uneven ground convinced Bedchair by its safe and stable state.

Noteworthy is the stable construction. Even tall anglers weighing more than 100 kg can safely work on one Bedchair settle. In order to keep an eye on the pose, the headboard can be raised. Bedchairs are usually well padded and often equipped with additional thermal insulation. Anyone who has ever been unable to fall asleep in a tent because the nighttime coldness disturbed them from below, certainly appreciates such comfort.

It’s not just anglers who are interested in a bedchair. These loungers are often purchased to use in the garden after work as a comfortable lounger. Even guests who need a place to stay, a bedchair will gratefully accept, because on these comfortable beach chairs it sleeps almost as comfortable as in a good bed, That’s why a bedchair is also a good choice for camping holidays.

Recommended models

The Bedchair range is manageable and all models serve their purpose. A model that is very comfortable and boasts several extras is the Angelspezi 8-leg luxury carp lounger. Eight feet with mud plates that can be individually adjusted to uneven terrain, ensure a secure footing. The height is adjustable in the range between 32 cm to 43. The lying area is 2.02 m long and 86 cm wide, so it also offers large people enough space for a restful sleep. The maximum load is 180 kg. The upholstery is high quality. A removable one sleeping padprotects against cooling. Anglers will appreciate that the footboard of the upholstery is easily washable. For sitting, the headboard can be set up and securely locked.

For anglers, the bedchair model ‚Nightwalker‘ by Angel Domain is popular. This carp lounger has six feet with mud dishes. The height of the feet can be adjusted continuously, so that Nightwalker can be set up safely on uneven ground. The joints are additionally supported. A thermo padding provides heat from below. To keep an eye on the pose, the headboard can be set up.

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