10 Best barefoot Shoes of 2019

  • Mesh, TPU Upper. Vegan friendly
  • Zero Drop
  • Vibram TC5 Outsole, Trail Protect Pad
  • Mesh, TPU Upper
  • Zero Drop
  • Vibram TC5 Outsole
  • Hight Quality Upper: Breathable and smooth fabrics with fine...
  • Thick Soles: Wearable and top-quality rubber sole, which...
  • Convenience: Smooth neck design prevents chafing when...
  • Runs small, Go up a size
  • Lightly padded tongue & speed lacing system.Care - Machine...
  • Serrated blade lug design.Select half size up or down
  • * Alert : True to size ! Recommend ordering usual shoe size
  • ex: usual size MEN 7 (D) > MEN 7(D)
  • * 0.5 size up for Customer's with very wide feet
  • Extra Light / Breathable Upper / Soft Lining
  • An easy slip-on design and a perfect fold-and-go portability
  • Non-slip durable antiwear rubber outsole provides totally...
  • Occasion - Perfect for Yoga Training, beach, swimming, pool,...
  • Anti-Slip Outsole - Non-slip durable antiwear rubber...
  • Breathable Upper - Breathable and smooth 92% polyester+8%...
  • Mesh, TPU Upper. Vegan friendly
  • Zero Drop
  • Vibram TC5 Outsole, Trail Protect Pad
  • Solid construction, Great for Commute and High Heel Relief
  • Reinforced Toe guard prevents Tearing, dragging and...
  • Non-Slip Rubber Sole made with Durable FlexForm material
  • A wide toe box lets your toes spread and relax.
  • Produced using animal free products and processes.
  • Removable sockliner (insole) if you want a "more barefoot"...

Barefoot shoes guide

Natural running is an important piece of equipment and they are well known among the runners. Also in everyday life, the barefoot Shoes however gladly used and there they replace the normal brand shoes. The big hype in the shoes may be a bit flattened, but the foot-friendly treads still enjoy great popularity. The barefoot Shoes Nike Free were the first models on the market. In a comparison, it quickly becomes clear that there are several reasons to buy these shoes. Compared to other everyday shoes, these shoes create a natural movement when running and walking. Overall, the barefoot shoes make smaller steps and the foot is placed in front of the body’s center of gravity instead of directly beneath it. The foot ends up exactly where it belongs. It is also put on the entire foot and not just the heel. The whole body has a very gentle on the joints. The wearers are allowed the high degree of freedom of movement. That’s exactly what all manufacturers want to do with their shoes. The aim of the shoes is to come as close as possible to the movement of barefoot walking or walking, and from the passive role, the feet should be actively involved in the movement. Anyone who gets the shoes should first use them as a second shoe. At the beginning, the shoes are only worn for a few minutes and then the amount of time is continuously increased. Among the most important benefits of the shoes is the improvement of the blood circulation, the improvement of the sense of balance, the support of the natural rolling behavior, the strengthening of the foot and leg muscles and the faster jogging or running. As disadvantages it is important that a certain getting used-in time is necessary, that they are not suitable for the very rocky nature exchanges are also not suitable for the very hard undergrounds.

The different barefoot shoe types and the purchase criteria

Who is barefoot Shoes would like to buy, which finds different models. There are the conventional models, as they are seen in everyday life or in sports. You can distinguish yourself by the flexible and very thin sole. The footbed is completely missing in the shoe. He also has the very little demolition. This means that between heel and foot, the slope is very low. He also has a low attenuation and a very wide forefoot area. Who is for the toe shoesdecides, he buys this barefoot Shoes where all toes have a recess individually. This reminds these models sometimes glovesfor the feet. The sole of these models is very flexible and thin. These shoes are for sports and everyday life. They are also preferably used in water sports. Who is barefoot Shoes he wants to buy, he has to pay a lot of attention. The important tips are of course always, whether the shoes are bought online or in a store. Just like the brand shoes, the feeling on the feet is also a very important criterion for barefoot shoes as a decision to buy. Anyone who feels uncomfortable in their shoes should not buy them, whether they are wearing everyday shoes or running Shoes, Often the question is asked if the shoes are unhealthy. The shoe itself is usually not unhealthy, but the handling of the shoe. The mistakes are often already in the own assessment and the purchase. The beginners should not choose a too direct entry into the barefoot running, but the gradual. Not directly should be resorted to the toe shoes. Beginners still need some level of cushioning, and this is what’s on the Merrell, Adidas, Asics and Nike models. Piece by piece, everyone can approach the toe shoes. The closure also plays a very important role. There are variants without and with closure. The closure is not necessarily needed for everyday life. In the case of sports shoes, however, lacing is recommended because it provides more stability and support.

Important information about barefoot shoes

Many interested people wonder if the barefoot shoes are suitable for winter use. Of course, the shoes are not just summer shoes. Thanks to the greater activity of the foot muscles, the feet are better supplied with blood and thus they are also warmer. However, some of the models can also be worn with socks if necessary. In winter, however, the wet is often a problem. Summer shoes are not enough and winter shoes are needed. Some manufacturers offer the shoes with GoreTex. There are also models where the sole is thicker and also fed with felt or wool. Another question is often how the barefoot shoes actually have to sit. The users always say that they should have shoes close to their feet. It is a very elastic material, which widens in use even further. Also interesting is whether the barefoot shoes are healthy? There are some health benefits to the shoes for all wearers. However, it always depends on the metered use of the shoes. Otherwise, the positive effect can also turn into the opposite. The feet should of course not be overloaded, otherwise possible restrictions and lengthy injuries may result. These cases are best avoided. Anyone can also wash the barefoot shoes. The laundry is best suited by hand and this in the sinkwith detergent or soap. The washing inside the Washing machineworks alternatively in the fine wash program at a maximum of 40 degrees. In this case, however, better no fabric softener should be used. The shoes should dry at room temperature and not on the heater. The procedure can be repeated every one to two weeks after the shoes are mostly worn without socks. Because the materials are often different, the manufacturer’s instructions regarding care and cleaning should be followed.

What else needs to be considered?

Not only for women and men there is the healthy footwear, but also for the children. Children already like to walk barefoot and the natural mobility of their feet and toes is great and they did not want to be restricted but maintained. There are special children’s shoes in the form of toe shoes. The shoes are mostly for the cold and warm season. In the meantime, the shoes could find a large fan base. More and more people also find the shoes, which are not deliberately set off to buy these. The type of shoes is very comfortable and yet the shoes are often only available from one manufacturer at the shoe stores. There is more choice when shoes are ordered online. The shoes protect the feet from cold and injury. The brain and nervous system receive more sensory information via the underground. Thanks to the thin sole everyone has more feeling for the ground. More elegant variants can also be worn on different occasions or in the office. After the shoes are very light, the gait and movement are not affected. The foot muscles are strengthened and foot diseases can be prevented.

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