10 healthy slimming tips

reducing weight in a healthy wayTip 1: Don’t starve due to large portions

The body can be saturated by two ways. On the one hand by calories and on the other by volume. So if you have a large amount of food with a few calories in your stomach, you trick your body and are full, even though you may not have that many calories in your body.
It is therefore highly recommended that you always take large portions of low-calorie vegetables with your meals. Examples include broccoli, mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, cucumber, cauliflower and courgettes. Just make sure that the vegetables have less than 5g of carbohydrates per 100g.


Tip 2: Healthy weight loss through the right calorie deficit

The fact is that every human being has to consume calories in order for the body to have energy. In order to reduce body fat, one has to consume fewer calories than the body actually needs. So if you just eat one apple a day, you can lose a lot of weight – WRONG. Do not follow such diets and do not follow calorie deficits that are too high. If the deficit is too high, your body goes on a low flame, you lose energy, you lose muscles and will not lose weight in the medium and long term. It’s not a healthy weight loss and it’s bad for you.
For this reason, you should save a maximum of 500 calories per day (because one kilogram of body fat has about 7000 calories, you will lose this kilogram after 14 days). If you are heavily overweight, practice has shown that you can easily save 1000 calories a day for 4-6 weeks. However, we do not recommend this because it is easier if you start with a deficit of 500 calories.


Tip 3: A lot of exercise helps if you want to lose weight healthily

Basically, you don’t have to do any sports to lose weight successfully. However, exercise plays an important role in loosing Weight. You not only increase your calorie requirement, but you also promote your cardiovascular system, nervous system, self-confidence, brain, your muscles, your recovery and you reduce your stress level. So if you not only want to lose weight but also want to be healthy, you should exercise and exercise regularly. Our recommendation is 3-5 times a week sports.


Tip 4: Sufficient protein

There are different diets to be able to lose weight successfully. But no matter whether high carb, low carb or carb cycling: the protein always plays a major role and is very important for your diet. Adequate protein intake not only promotes protein biosynthesis and thus muscle maintenance in the diet, but also stimulates your metabolism and thermogenesis. Stimulation of the metabolism and thermogenesis increases your calorie requirement. This means that you can either eat more or lose more weight. We recommend 2 grams of protein per kg body weight.


Tip 5: The right workout

Again and again you see people on the stepper, treadmill or bike for hours because you desperately want to lose the last pound for the beach. From our point of view, however, pure cardio training (running, cycling, rowing, stepper etc.) is not the best way to lose weight. Using a Mini Trampoline good be quit fine Art of training.


Tip 6: Sufficient sleep

Sleeping less is not one of our “10 healthy slimming tips”, as too little sleep can have a major impact on our body fat reduction. Sleep is healthy and is very important for our hormonal balance. For this reason, you should sleep in the diet 7-8 hours. In any case, try to get 49 hours of sleep per week. The healthiest thing to do is to have a good night’s sleep and wake-up period.


Tip 7: Avoid stress

Whoever reduces or avoids stress will be able to achieve good results in the diet. However, if you have a lot of stress, the stress hormone, cortisol, will be released in the body and put you at a disadvantage. The hormone balance in the body should therefore not be underestimated. If you don’t lose weight, you should consider whether you have had a lot of stress in the past. If so, you should quickly eliminate stress and eliminate it preventively.


Tip 8: A clear plan and Zero tolerance

Make a plan in advance and make no exceptions. This clear line makes it easier for you to get into the matter. Many people say that it is better to go easy, but experience has shown time and again that it is more effective when you are strict about yourself. If you plan ahead of time to eat a small sundae every Sunday, because you want to reward yourself and keep it up, then that’s no problem. Only if this sundae is not planned, you should not eat it. And remember, you can lie to anyone but yourself. Be strict with yourself and carry out your project.


Tip 9: A correct objective

If you want to lose weight and really want to go through with it, you should not do things halfway and set a real goal straight away. But what is a real goal? A right goal is specific, measurable, attractive, realistic and scheduled. You can write that down in 1-2 sentences. Here is an example:
“On Mai 30st I’ll weigh 60 kg instead of my present 95 kg and I’ll look awsome in the mirror.”


Tip 10: Benefit from your goal

You have now written down your goal and can internalize it, if you regularly bring out the goal, think about it with emotion and thus put yourself in a good feeling. Bring the future into the present. Imagine realistically what it would be like to weigh 70 kg. Decorate this presentation with many details and make the result tasty. Believe us: The goal is more palatable than an ice cream cup. And through these ideas and a somewhat strong willpower, you can master your diet. You can then reward yourself afterwards.

We wish you lots of fun and success with your project.