10 Best Tenor Recorder of 2019

  • Professional Standard Twin Color Recorder Set.
  • Set of Five Woodi Recorders in a Waterproof Carry Bag.
  • Includes one each of the Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano and...
  • Ideal for the beginner to intermediate player
  • Beautiful clear and gentle tone
  • Produced from ABS plastic with a curved windway design for...
  • Brand: Yamaha
  • Model: YRA32B
  • Key of F
  • Meinel maple tenor recorder - 1 key natural maplewood finish...
  • Made by meinel recorders
  • Quality german made recorder
  • Key of F
  • Baroque fingering
  • Double holes
  • Professional Tenor Recorder Single Color (Ivory White) .
  • 3 Pieces,Baroque-English Fingering and Arched Windway.
  • Features double holes for low D & D#; double keys for low C...
  • Blends the simplicity of the recorder with the tone of the...
  • Rich, expressive tone that plays and sounds like a...
  • Fully chromatic two octave range; simple and easy to master...
  • Includes one each of the sopranino, soprano, alto, and tenor...
  • All recorders feature Baroque-English fingering.
  • Set of four Yamaha 300-Series recorders in a cordura...
  • Excellent tuning and sound quality
  • Made from durable and safe ABS plastic resin with no BPA
  • Double holes for low C/C# and D/D# to improve tuning
  • Professional Standard Twin Color Recorder Set.
  • Set of Five Woodi Recorders in a Waterproof Carry Bag.
  • Includes one each of the Bass, Tenor, Alto, Soprano and...

Tenor recorder Guidebook

The recorder is one of the woodwind instruments, including the Tenor Recorder , However, there are even more different models, all of which produce a different tone. Especially the recorder is considered a simple instrument, but of course that is not the case.

In each pitch a recorder
This is also the special thing about recorders that have existed since the Renaissance and also established it. Especially the Tenor Recorder has a low tone in c 1, which has not changed over the centuries. Nor has the production and design changed, with high quality flutes still made from certain types of wood. The head that receives a block with a kernel column is important. This view also determines what key the recorder has. Actually quite simple, but of course not really. If something is wrong here, then the recorder is guaranteed to make crooked sounds. But people already have a lot of experience with flutes, as they have been around since prehistoric times. However, these were still very simple made of hollow bones and also had already tone holes. Thus, different tones were already possible at this time long ago. Even today, flutes with a nuclear fissure have come and still come in different designs. Of course, this also affects the sound type, which then also the Tenor Recorder belongs. In the Middle Ages flutes that resembled a panpipe were the most common. There are no finger holes, but the length of the tubes gives the sound here. A grip hole does not exist on this type of flute.

Recorders have been around since the 11th century
If until then flutes were common, played with one hand, then the recorder came straight from two directions to Europe. When exactly the recorder was written in its present form was unfortunately never proven. But this instrument has remained until today, and is occasionally even used in music lessons. But the Tenor Recorder is more likely to be in baroque pieces, because many pieces were composed for them. But also classical concerts come without the Tenor Recorder still not out. There must be a little practice for the tenor recorder, because the lower holes are difficult to reach. Although there is an aid, a kind of flap, but big hands are appropriate here. It was this fluteAlmost forgotten, but in recent years, pieces were written for this again. Some people claim that the sound of the tenor recorder sounds a bit flat. Of course, the lover, the tenor recorder, sees quite a different way. However, like the other recorders, it has a very pleasant sound, which is reflected in the music as well.

But not completely forgotten
As before, the tenor recorder is played and then heard gladly. Of course, this also depends on the taste of music, because the tenor recorder is less suitable for modern pieces. But some of the Baroque pieces are still very popular today, which kept the tenor recorder alive all these years. Especially is the length, because here are not only big fingers, but also slightly longer arms. Otherwise, this recorder is a very special instrument that has played back into the hearts of the people. Of course, a flawless design is just as important here as the tenor recorder is made of high-quality wood. Because exactly this building material is crucial for the sound. A flute, which has then brought back to memory.

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