10 Best Children’s accordion of 2018

  • Adjustable strap
  • 8 bass buttons
  • 17 treble keys
  • From the Woodstock Music Collection, here's a...
  • Detailed playing instructions and eight easy-to-play songs
  • This music machine is just the right size for young hands,...
  • For ages 3 and up.
  • Easy to learn.
  • Finely crafted accordion.
  • For ages 7 and up
  • Easy to learn instruction and songbook included
  • Sounds and feels like the real thing
  • Adjustable strap
  • 8 bass buttons
  • 17 treble keys
  • Accordion is made out of sturdy plastic material, so kids...
  • It's beautifully crafted to imitate the look of the real...
  • Built for children, so the accordion can fit their hands...
  • PERFECT FOR KIDS AND BEGINNERS - The small sized accordion...
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  • MATERIAL:durable plastic and Kraft paper
  • NICE for toddlers and kids
  • WITH 7 treble buttons and 2 bass buttons
  • Toy for children easy to carry, beautiful appearance, only...
  • MATERIAL: Food grade ABS resin material, more secure and...
  • Flexble Belt Buckles: helping the players hold the accordion...
  • Kids Accordion
  • 2 bass buttons
  • 7 keys

Children’s Accordion Guide

On Children’s accordion is naturally smaller than the instrument for adult players, where the keys can also be smaller (narrower), because there are children’s accordions already for the age group from about three years. Other types offer buttons the same size as the normal accordion, but they are fewer. The range is therefore limited in any case.

Types of construction Children’s accordion

Many manufacturers offer the popular Children’s accordion in very different types, which are regionally different and sometimes even contradictory. In some parts of the world and also in Central Europe „accordion“ is used synonymously for accordion, in other regions it should be just two different instruments. There are also colloquial expressions such as „Schifferklavier“, and there are also related instruments like the Bandeon. Here it is about the quite classic, but small Children’s accordion which is very popular as an instrument among the youngest. This is not surprising, because children can immediately elicit good-sounding sounds. So fast is that only possible on the Keyboard, even a guitar is not that easy to play anymore, not to speak of wind and string instruments.

Children’s accordion: how it works

The Children’s accordion needs to play air, which produces the bellows. The sound production is technically similar to the traditional church organs (pipe organs) or the bagpipe, the comparison with the church organ is the most appropriate. Their pipes also require a stream of air that is produced electrically today, but was previously blown by a church servant by hand with the bellows. Each accordion works like a miniature organ, except that it has no pipes, but so-called voice plates. The hand of the accordion player can squeeze the bellows itself and pull it apart again, which creates the airflow. Children can do that too. On the left, the player presses the bass on black, dot-shaped keys, on the right he plays the melody on a keyboard (so-called treble side). Some power is required for the bellows and the children’s accordion, so this must be relatively small initially.

Piano accordion and button accordion

The best known is the piano accordion, which really has a keyboard on the treble side. In addition, the treble page can be provided with round buttons. This button accordion has traditionally evolved, but is barely found as a children’s accordion. However, it certainly brings benefits, because the buttons are ergonomically very conveniently located. They are so close together that they are in principle virtuoso to use. This is something for professional players, children are always recommended the small piano accordion. At the same time, they learn the arrangement of the notes on a keyboard, which would be an advantage if, for example, they switch to the keyboard or piano later on. The piano keyboard belongs to the traditional cultural inventory, it supports the learning of recorded music. Nevertheless, a child can later switch to a button accordion.

Advantages and Popularity of a Children’s Accordion

While many people associate the accordion with „folk music,“ in truth, it is used in many cultures of the world, and therefore offers an incredibly wide, international and also very classical repertoire. Nevertheless, this makes it relatively easy to play the simplest children’s or carols, which explains the popularity of the children’s accordion. If a child wants to play music and experience rapid progress, it is a beautiful, well-suited instrument. Since it is a harmony instrument, it is also used for song accompaniment. With the Children’s Accordion, the child can play in a small group very quickly or accompany the family singing. In the acquisition, a children’s accordion can be very cheap.

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