10 Best children guitar of 2018

  • Sturdy Build Quaility
  • Easy Playablity with Nylon Strings
  • 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar
  • Six authentic guitar strings - not simple wire like most toy...
  • Made of plastic and composite wood materials
  • No assembly required
  • Six authentic guitar strings - not simple wire like most toy...
  • Made of plastic and composite wood materials
  • No assembly required
  • Sized especially for young players
  • Great tone, comfort, and playability
  • Thin frets and low string action make it easy to play
  • Perfect introduction to teach kids about the world of music
  • Sturdy ukulele for young hands yet fully playable and easily...
  • Teaches young kids about basic rhythm, strumming, and other...
  • Makes a great prop or beginner guitar
  • Includes picks
  • Guitar color will vary
  • Design Inspration: Traditional Soprano ukulele takes its...
  • Upgraded: Better quality strings Includes Carrying Bag
  • Materiel : Basswood top back and sides, ABS Bone Nut, soft...
  • Sturdy Build Quaility
  • Easy Playablity with Nylon Strings
  • 1/2 Sized Classical Guitar
  • Perfect for Beginner - For beginners to buy this simulation...
  • Durable Toy - High Quality Strings: Strings of nylon...
  • Educational Toy - Design by our hearts, bring your baby joy...
  • 34" junior-size classical guitar with nylon strings
  • Guitar's light weight makes it easy to hold; only 2.12...
  • Suitable for ages 5-8

Child guitar guidebook

Many children want to emulate the idols from the music scene and wish for a guitar. Whether this instrument will become a life companion for a long time, however, is usually not foreseeable. Of course, parents do not want to invest an incredible amount of money if it’s just a temporary whim of the child. So, adults are looking for a low-cost alternative to see how serious the kid really is with playing the guitar. A children guitar offers the best options here.

At what age should you start playing the guitar?

Already at a very young age children with a children guitar , which is equipped with a special scale for little children’s hands, the first steps in a hopefully long-lasting career musicians go. Most children’s guitars are used for children from 4 years, although it depends of course in individual cases on the developmental stage of the child. It should be the first children guitar at this age a game version or a concert version and no Electric guitarso that the child can neither injure nor the neighbors fall from all clouds.

What makes them different? children guitar from the „normal“ guitar?

Meanwhile, there are already all common types of guitar among the children’s guitars Classical guitar. Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar and acoustic guitar. The most important difference is usually in the size, which should be adjusted to the dimensions of the children. A special scale and adjusted body dimensions must fit, so that the child does not lose the fun to play the guitar again.

Where can you find the right Kinterguitar?

Normally, any expert would advise to buy a guitar only in the shop. Here you can try different guitars to see which one is closest to the guitarist. It looks a bit different with children’s guitars, as there are often only a limited selection of children’s guitars in music stores, if that. The better alternative is to buy one children guitar on the Internet. On the one hand there is a much larger selection, on the other hand, if the child has lost interest after a few days, the guitar can be returned in case of doubt.

What should be considered when buying a children’s guitar?

Especially cheap children’s guitars often have nylon strings. These kids guitars should not necessarily be accessed even though the cute designs are of course very appealing to children. In this lower price segment, it usually hapert on the quality and workmanship. Often, the paint in these children’s guitars is relatively fast. These instruments are more like a toy and have to do with a beginner’s instrument agile. Basically, for a good children’s guitar at least 100 to 150 euros to be invested. In this price segment you get already a pretty good quality with a reasonable sound. Anyone who wonders why this price is seen as a lower price category should realize that a smaller instrument makes as much work in the production as a normal guitar. The sound and the playability are criteria that are good enough in this price category, not to lose the fun of playing the guitar.

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