10 Best children drums of 2019

  • Everything You Need To Start Playing Included
  • Recommended ages 3 - 8
  • 16" High Bass Drum Perfect For Kids
  • Recommended Age Group: 3 to 8 yrs old
  • 13" x 8" Bass Drum, 8" x 6" Mounted Tom
  • 10" x 4" Mounted snare drum
  • Classic solid wood construction
  • Pre-tuned head
  • Patented Stay-In-Tune rim
  • PERFECT FUN FOR DEVELOPING SKILLS: Helps Develop Important...
  • COMPLETE PLAYSET: Includes Everything Needed, Drums, Cymbal,...
  • RECOMMENDED FOR AGES 3+ AND UP: Approximate Drum Set...
  • ↗【Review tips】:Our drum set is suitable for children...
  • ↗【EASY ASSEMBLY】:Our Durm Set is easy to assemble. Our...
  • ↗【Strong and durable】:Our drum is strong and durable....
  • FUN AND EDUCATIONAL AT THESAME TIME:Your kids are going to...
  • Brand: Remo
  • Product Code: ET710800
  • 8 inch Lollipop Drum
  • Velocity ToysTM 11 Piece Children's Kid's Musical Instrument...
  • Comes w/ 6 Drums, Cymbal, Chair, Kick Pedal, Drumsticks
  • Bass Drum, 2 Large Tom-Toms, 3 Small Tom-Toms
  • Everything You Need To Start Playing Included
  • Recommended ages 3 - 8
  • 16" High Bass Drum Perfect For Kids
  • Classic solid wood construction
  • Pre-tuned head
  • Patented Stay-In-Tune rim

Child Drug Guide

Even in infancy, it makes children visibly joy to drum on pots and bowls. For toddlers, colorful children’s drums are therefore available. From the age of three, the musical talent of small drummers can be combined with one children drums promote. The size of children’s toys depends on age and height.

Equipment of children’s toys
Children’s percussion not only differ in size from adult percussion kits. The equipment is different. Drums for children between three and five years usually consist of a cymbal, a tom-tom, a bass drum and a snare drum. These include the drum sticks and a height-adjustable stool. Such a set contains all drums to master the entry as a drummer. For children between the ages of five and seven, the set already includes two tom-toms, optionally running as a hang-tom-tom or stand-tom-tom and a hiat pelvis. For children up to ten years will be one children drums offered on a larger scale. On children drums Older children include a bass drum, a foot pedal, a hi-hat, a snare drum, two hanging tom-toms, a tom-tom stand and a cymbal, including drum sticks and stools. The size of the musical instruments is adjusted. Such children’s percussion are no longer pure toys, but they correspond to real musical instruments. Optionally, the sets include a game manual with CD included.

Well-known manufacturer of children’s toys
Children’s percussion toys can be found at Bontempi, Steinbach, XDrum, Cherrystone, Thomann, Sherwood and Simba. While Simba and Cherrystone also produce beginner drums for younger children, children’s drums from Steinbach and XDrum are consistently considered to be of high quality. XDrum offers for example with the children drums XDrum Junior one children drums with memory system, with which the structure can always be the same. The large kettle is made of wood and with high-quality special foil and the tom-toms can be adjusted in height. Steinbach children’s percussion devices are considered to be very resilient and expandable, while a Bontempi children’s percussion kit is particularly light, and can therefore be changed quickly. The Simba My Music Word I-Drum with MP3 function is completely made of plastic. By the connection for the MP3 playerChildren can drum to self-selected background music. For Cars fans, there is the Reig children’s drums offered in Cars design.

Advantages of playing children’s drums
Playing the drums promotes the mental and motor skills in the coarse and fine motor skills. The coordination improves and self-confidence is increased. The release of happiness hormones ensures a balanced mood for the kids.

Choose the right size
Children’s toys are sized according to customs. With adjustable stools and height-adjustable instruments, the size of 14 inches may be appropriate for ages between two and seven years. 16-inch drums are recommended for children aged 5 to 10 years. Due to the individual adjustment possibilities children’s toys are usable over a large period of time. When setting up make sure that all instruments are easy to reach from the sitting position. The size of the drums is also measured in inches or inches. The Tom Toms usually have a size of six to 18 inches.

Buy children’s drums
Cheap children’s percussion devices usually can not convince with their sound. If the offspring is very ambitious, you may well buy a good children’s drums. There are children’s percussion toys as toys and children’s percussionists who really make music. Children’s toys as toys are made of plastic. These are already available for a small price. You can not set any great requirements for sound and durability. Higher quality children’s percussion are already available under 100 €.

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