10 Best wing dryer of 2019

  • Style No. 875
  • Care Tips: Light Cleaning:Use warm water and a soft bristle...
  • Leather- Oro Legacy Leather
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  • English
  • Style No. 875
  • Care Tips: Light Cleaning:Use warm water and a soft bristle...
  • Leather- Oro Legacy Leather
  • Plastic leg caps protect floors from scratching
  • Easy assembly, folds flat for easy storage
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Wing tumble advisor

If you want to dry your laundry in an environmentally friendly way, you need one clothes horse, Be particularly practical in this context, the so-called wing dryer , Find out what exactly it is all about, what advantages are associated with the utensil and what to look for when buying!

The typical wing dryer in the portrait

Meanwhile, the applies wing dryer or grand piano drying rack as a classic among the available laundry racks. In contrast to simple versions, it has two wings, which are fastened with rivets and can be quickly and easily folded outwards. They provide additional space, for example for larger garments or Bath towels, Some wing dryer even allows a continuous adjustment of the wings, which of course with even more available space for hanging the laundry goes along. The average line length is 13 to 15 meters. But there are also larger models with up to 20 meters.

Attention: This measurement does not refer to ONE (left to right) „string“, but all lines of the stand taken together.

Rule of thumb: The longer the specified linen measure, the more space is available for drying clothes.

Without wings folded out, a sash holder measures a maximum of 1.25 meters.

About the benefits of drying clothes with a squeegee stand

You now know what distinguishes a grand piano drying rack in essence. This raises the immediate question of what actually the advantages of drying clothes with a stand compared to the drying process that is certainly more convenient for many people in an electronic machine. The most striking advantages at a glance:

a) The materials stay nice longer

Due to the friction in the electronic clothes dryerthe fibers that make up textiles are affected. Add to that the enormous heat in the machine – it also has a negative impact. The evidence for the progressive loss of quality of your textiles is obtained after each drying process, when you remove the lint filter and empty. Even on the garments, towels, etc., you will recognize the consequences of this type of drying over time. The providers of electronic dryers can still talk so often and flowery about „laundry friendliness“ – the reality usually looks different, unfortunately. When drying the laundry on a wing washing stand such signs of wear are logically not to be feared.

b) The environment is happy

Dry your laundry on one wing dryer Do not consume any electricity that requires the construction of nuclear power plants and wind turbines or the consumption of fossil resources.

c) The enormous savings

For a grand piano drying rack, you pay a comparatively low purchase price. In contrast, even buying an electronic clothes dryer is often an immense investment – not to mention the high operating costs associated with its use.

What you should pay attention to when buying

Be sure to buy a winged clothes rack with sturdy rivets. Badly processed, the latter threaten to break off quickly. In such a case, the wings that are held by the rivets, would no longer be used. So you could not continue to benefit from the benefits of the same and would depend on a simple clothes dryer without wings – until the purchase of a new version. So spend a little more money right away to enjoy high quality right from the beginning and save a lot of unnecessary trouble afterwards.

In addition, you should value the following characteristics:

1. A stable state

Above all, if you want to set up your wing washstand not only in the interior, but also outdoors on the terrace, balcony or in the garden, he must have both low and fully loaded stable stand to withstand wind.

2. A smooth folding mechanism

A smooth folding mechanism makes setting up and folding the stand a breeze.

3. rust-free

Of course, you can not test whether a stand starts to rust before you buy it. However, to avoid this from the outset, you should fall back on a brand model and leave the „cheap“ versions of the discounter left.

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