10 Best Wine Thermometers of 2019

  • Kelvin K2 Smart Bluetooth Wine Monitor
  • Thermal band displays wine bottle temperature
  • Suggests the best serving temperature for most wines
  • Stainless steel ring
  • Thermal band displays wine bottle temperature
  • Suggests the best serving temperature for most wines
  • Stainless steel ring
  • Easy to Operate: You can easily monitor the temperature of...
  • Instant Read: get temperature value within 2 seconds after...
  • Wide Usage & Temperature Measuring Range: This product has a...
  • Check the temperature of your wine and champagne without...
  • Simply 'snap' the flexible band around the outside of any...
  • Contains 1 Snap Thermometer
  • Made of glass
  • Thermometer
  • Floats for convenient testing
  • In/out switch toggles between internal and external...
  • Ideal for food & wine storage, fish tanks and terrariums,...
  • Wet dry temperature probe is great for reading outdoor or...
  • Wine Thermometer
  • Wood Handle
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Kelvin K2 Smart Bluetooth Wine Monitor
  • This wine thermometer is capable of recording wine...
  • The thermometer features a glass shaft with a red...
  • The thermometer's top is constructed of tough, heavyweight...

Wine thermometer guide

The right wine temperature for a pure wine pleasure

For someone who likes to enjoy a good wine, not only the choice of grape variety is crucial. In order for the wine to taste really good, the perfect temperature is needed. Only then can the wine develop its taste properly. The right temperature for the wines is not the same. It depends on the character of each wine variety and can therefore be quite different.
But what temperature is suitable for the red wine or the white wine? Since there are also many differences within the different wine types, a perfect temperature for the wine types can be determined very badly. Basically, however, the following rule of thumb applies to the wines: The red wine can be warmer, a little lower than the room temperature. The rosé and the White wineOn the other hand, you should enjoy it cool.
However, the term room temperature should be used here. Depending on the season and Wohnugstyp also the room temperature is subject to fluctuations.

Overview of different types of wine and their ideal drinking temperature
1. White wine with a hint of wood and white wine with a medium to full body:
These include the white wines Pinot Blanc, Oaked, Chardonnay, Fumé Blanc. Its ideal temperature is 12 ° C.
2. White wine with a light to medium body:
Meant here are z. Riesling, Pinot Grigio, Muscadet, Sauvignon Blane and Gewürztraminer. The drinking temperature loves at 10 ° C.
3. Red wine with a medium to full body:
These are z. B. The wines Rioja, Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Shiraz, red wine from Bordeaux, Burgundy or Barolo. Here the optimum temperature is 16-18 ° C.
4. Red wine with a light body:
These include the Lambrusco, Beaujolais, Bardolino and Valpolicella. Your drinking temperature is 12 ° C.
5. Sparkling wine:
Among other champagne, champagne, prosecco or cava. Its ideal drinking temperature is 6 – 8 ° C.
6. Sweet wine:
These include Beerenauslese, Sauternes or Muscat. Again, the right temperature is 6 – 8 ° C.

Does the wine have the right drinking temperature?

To find out, the purchase of a wine thermometer is optimal. This makes it easy to determine the wine temperature. There are basically two ways to distinguish:
1. Cuff thermometer:
This cuff thermometer is simply placed around the neck of the bottle. When using this wine thermometer, however, care should be taken that the temperature of the wine bottle is determined and not the wine. This can lead to deviations.
2. Conventional wine thermometer:
To determine the exact temperature of the wine, this wine thermometer is excellent. This is just kept in the glass filled with the wine. It is just not a nice sight for guests. It is best to do this in the kitchen.

Overview of wine thermometers and their properties

The selection of wine thermometers is great. So there are, among others:
1. Xavax wine thermomoter Digital:
– precise temperature information
– high quality stainless steel sensor probe with a length of 15.4 cm
– Response time: 4 – 10 seconds
– Display on the head
– food safe
– stainless
– Measuring range: – 45 ° to 200 ° C
– thanks to removable silicone stoppers also as airtight bottle capsuitable
2. Tchibo Clip Wine Thermometers:
– very easy to install
– suitable for all types of wine
– made of stainless steel
– Can be used on almost all bottles
– resistant, rustproof and durable
3. WMF 608666030 wine thermometer Scala:
– Cromargan: glass, stainless steel
– exact temperature information
– also indicates the ideal temperature ranges
– Dishwasher safe
4. Carl Mertens – Cool Clip Wine Thermometers:
– Manufacturer: Carl Mertens Solingen Germany
– easy to understand
– durable
– suitable as a gift
5. Rosenstein & Söhne bottles of wine thermometer:
– Can easily be put on the bottle
– Fits almost all wine bottles
– exact indication of the wine temperature
– very hygienic


There are many more wine thermometers in different versions. Which is right for you depends entirely on your personal needs. With a wine thermometer, however, you can easily determine the wine temperature and thus ensure a pure wine pleasure.

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