10 Best wine cooler of 2018

  • PERFECT WINE STORAGE: 50-liter storage capacity, perfect for...
  • COMPACT & DECORATIVE DESIGN: Glass door w/ air-tight...
  • DIGITAL CONTROL PANEL: You can select temp display between...
  • PERFECT WINE STORAGE: 50-liter storage capacity, perfect for...
  • COMPACT & DECORATIVE DESIGN: Glass door w/ air-tight...
  • DIGITAL CONTROL PANEL: You can select temp display between...
  • Holds up to 12 bottles
  • 2 layer glass door design
  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • 12 bottle capacity
  • Black door / Black cabinet/ Sculpted chrome shelves
  • Quiet thermoelectric cooling
  • Holds up to 8 Bottles
  • Digital Adjustable Temperature Control-Perfect for Red or...
  • 2 Layer Glass Door
  • 12 bottles total
  • Thermoelectric Cooling System
  • Curved Glass Door. Defrost System: Auto
  • STORE AND SERVE YOUR WINES LIKE A PRO: Chill your favourite...
  • LIGHT UP ANY ROOM DÉCOR: Boasting a sleek appearance with...
  • KEEP ALL THE COOLED AIR IN: Thanks to its efficient, touch...
  • Measures: 20.5" Long x 15.79" Wide x 22" High
  • Capacity: 20 standard wine bottles
  • Black tinted mirror glass door with sleek black cabinet and...
  • Holds up to 12 bottles
  • 2 layer glass door design
  • Adjustable temperature controls
  • 12 Bottle Capacity: Compact, 12 bottle storage, perfect for...
  • Cooling System: The quiet and vibration free thermoelectric...
  • Digital Display: Quickly monitor and set temperatures with...

Wine cooler guide

The wine enjoyment looks back on a long tradition, which is more than 2000 years long. In some ancient cultures, wine was the symbol of the blood shed in the fight against the gods. In the Near Eastern Sumer landscape, the cultivation of vines by human hands itself 5000 years ago BC. prove. After all, wine does not only have a unique taste, but when measured, it is considered very healthy. Especially in cardiovascular diseases red wine is recommended even by medical professionals. However, in order to properly develop its aromas when drinking, the wine must be enjoyed at ideal temperature. To make this possible at all becomes one wine cooler used. This ensures both the full-bodied development of the wine taste as well as the fact that wine can be offered chilled even at the highest temperatures.

Wine cooler – a must for all wine lovers

Wine cooler belongs in the household of every wine lover. Because this ensures that the wine after its removal from the wine cabinetor wine refrigeratorretains the ideal drinking temperature for a very long time. The modern ones wine cooler can lower the temperature of the wine even further. This is especially beneficial for white wines and rosé wines as they are enjoyed in a cool way. It also stops wine cooler on festivities is a decoration on the table. Meanwhile, there is wine cooler in different designs and designs. Although an ice bucket can also keep the wine cool, it does wine cooler has numerous advantages over an ice bucket, the right wine lovers really appreciate. This not only has a more sophisticated design, but is also much easier to transport. In addition, with a wine cooler, a dripping and wet bottle is a thing of the past. In addition, a wine cooler is usually equipped with space-saving cooling batteries, in the form of cooling bar or in cuff form. Although a wine cooler is only intended for one bottle, it can lower its temperature even further, which is not the case with an ice bucket.

Wine cooler types

Wine coolers are divided into active and passive wine coolers. These terms are understood to mean the method of cooling used.

Wine cooler with active cooling

Thus, a wine cooler with active cooling cools the wine either electrically or physically, after the wine bottle from the fridgewas removed. Compared to a wine cooler with passive cooling, these wine coolers are much better. This wine cooler type includes wine fridges, ice bars, ice skins and cooling cuffs. They cool the wine in just a few minutes, usually less than 10 minutes.
The modern variants are bottle coolersimilar to small buckets with removable cooling elements. These are simply placed in the freezer and are ready for use after about six hours. This is especially common cold packat parties and at picnicused. Because such a wine cooler is unbreakable and very flexible. Due to its low weight and small dimensions, it is also very easy to transport.
An electric wine cooler is basically a wine fridge. Wine fridges are available for several bottles as well as for single bottles. These are equipped with a display and the temperature is adjustable.
The wine cooler with active cooling requires a coolant, which can consist of either air, water or a special coolant. The special coolant is used in electric wine coolers. For all others just water or ice can be used. In addition, there is also the cooling gel contained in the cooling battery, which is completely safe for use.

Wine cooler with passive cooling

A wine cooler with passive cooling does not cool down the wine, but keeps it at its ideal temperature for as long as possible. The biggest advantage of this wine cooler is that such a wine cooler can do without electricity and without ice cubes. Some models, such as the WMF are made of double-walled stainless steel or acrylicmanufactured. In addition, there are even models made of concrete or terracotta.

The different materials of the wine cooler

Wine coolers are made of different materials. Each of these materials has certain properties, due to which the respective wine cooler can be better adapted to personal requirements.
Stainless steel wine coolers are chosen very often. Because stainless steel is very elegant and stores heat and cold optimally. Therefore, stainless steel is generally selected for the production of wine coolers, thermoses. When buying a wine cooler made of stainless steel, however, should be taken to ensure that it is double-walled. In this way, the wine stays cool longer.
Terracotta or clay wine coolers are particularly popular in the southern countries. Such a wine cooler is filled with water or placed in the water before use. Because the material sucks fully and then cools the wine bottle by the physical cooling effect, which arises when the water evaporates again. When using this wine cooler, however, a coaster should always be used, otherwise the table may become damp.
A concrete wine cooler works on the same principle as one made of clay. If a quick cooling effect is required, the bottom of the wine cooler can simply be covered with ice cubes.

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