10 Best Wheat beer glass of 2018

  • 6-Each Tritan crystal barware pieces; wheat beer style;...
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  • Upper rim: 3"
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  • 1 Erdinger 0.5L Glass
  • 1 Weihenstephan 0.5L Glass
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  • 6-Each Tritan crystal barware pieces; wheat beer style;...
  • Made of Tritan crystal; non-lead material composed of...
  • Completely diswasher safe; will not etch, cloud or discolor...
  • 26.5 oz Wheat Beer Glass designed in conjuction with Bell's...
  • Impeccable quality
  • Dishwasher safe

Wheat beer glass guide

wheat glass

Why is there a specific shape for a wheat glass? Wheat is a top-fermented beer and thus brings with it individual properties. To collect as a fun article; even as a shot glass, wheat glasses are available.

Why is there a wheat glass?
Wheat beer contains more carbonic acid than Pils beer. In order for the beer to be pleasantly drinkable, it is necessary that the carbon dioxide can escape over a large surface.
With pils it is the other way around. The glasses are tapered towards the top so that the carbonic acid stays longer in the drink.
The double bottom of a wheat glass can be explained by the drinking culture. Beer is traditionally launched from below. So that the glass does not break, the floor is reinforced.

Wheat glasses: the special crown
For the beautiful foam on a wheat, it must follow certain regekl. The bottle or tap must be in an oblique position to the glass. Very slowly, the liquid gold is poured. Only with almost full glass, it is erected. Now it should be left for a while. Only then does the foam settle and become firm. If the wheat is poured from a bottle, the bottle can either be laid down or rolled and shaken. The wheat has settled down. Without these techniques, this flavor carrier would not find its way into the glass. Not only the taste but also the consistency would suffer. The rest of glass or bottle is almost overthrown.
A perfect wheat in the wheat glass reaches with its liquid the height of the calibration line and the crown extends beyond the glass edge.

Models of wheat glasses
The commercially available models vary in thickness and height. In addition, they decide in design and recently even in the material. As is it champagne glassesnow made of plastic, there are also wheat glasses made of plastic.
For fetuses in the garden, they are more than practical. However, connoisseurs claim that the taste of the beer suffers from this.
There is a formula among beer drinkers: the thinner the glass, the better the taste of the beer.
The height and the width, however, have no influence on the taste.

Wheat Jar: A flatterer
For the drinker, it is quite relevant how the glass in his hand feels when drinking. Especially for petite people and women it is pleasant when the glass in the middle is very thin. The edge should be rounded and a little thicker than the glass wall.

The design
Collecting wheat glasses is a well-known passion. Large design companies bring out new patterns for every occasion. But even as an individual gift idea with engraving or print can be a wheat glass as a handsome souvenir in the showcase.

Fun articles convince partly with listening capacity of up to three liters. Recorded is then to be a scale with information on drunkenness.

Who likes it small or likes to drink schnapps buys shot glasses in a wheat beer glass look.

Cleaning a wheat glass:
The wheat glass should only be rinsed out briefly. If Spüli is in the water, it is absolutely necessary to rinse it off with cold water. If that does not happen, then the next restricted beer will not make a decent crown any more.

Tip: If you get a wheat served without a head of foam, this can also be due to an unclean glass.

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