10 Best Warmers of 2019

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Warming plates Guide

Warming plates allow us to keep food and drinks longer at a certain temperature. The application of hot plates takes place mainly in the catering industry. Caterers work daily at weddings and other events Warmers to make the food at the buffet longer enjoyable. Few people like lukewarm food. In canteens and restaurants are Warmers not indispensable. Pre-cooked meals are kept at a temperature so that they can be served immediately after their order. From fast food to the 5 star restaurant in all gastronomic establishments there is a need for the use of Warmers , They make the work easier for the cooks.

In the private sector, these food warmer are gladly used when you sit together in a leisurely round longer. It is also nice to be late for keeping food warm without having to reheat it. Warmers are practical, easy to clean and usually require little storage space. There are different types of hot plates:


The term „Rechauds“ comes from the French (rechauffer) and means „reheat“. A rechaud is a cooker with an open flame. For most people, the term is foreign. If you do, though fonduethink, then you quickly have a clear idea of ​​what kind of equipment it is here. The special feature of the rechaud is that it can keep warm as well as heat food and drinks.

Rechauds have their origins in antiquity. They only had a different name. The „fire bowls“ were the same in construction, but were heated with glowing ashes or coals.
Around 1800, the classic form of a metal stove was developed, which was heated with spirit or petroleum. Nowadays the rechauds become predominant Fuel Pasteor methylated spirits used. This type of hot plate is used in homes and restaurants. The Swiss „Kisag Rechaud LongFire“ is a good example of a qualitative hotplate in this category. The stainless steel cooking and heating unit has a continuously adjustable flame and has a burning time of two hours. The special feature of this device is that it is filled with gas.

Warming plates with candles

There are different, very efficient ones Warmers which are equipped with candles. Who ever one warmerUsing a candle to keep a pot of tea warm, knows how hot it can get and burns your fingers quickly. This type of hot plate usually uses three flames, so food and drinks can be kept really warm. Whether a glass plate (e.g., APS 3-Flame Food Warmer) or a stainless steel plate (e.g., Master Class Professional Food Warmer) should be above the candlelight is a matter of personal taste. Both designs are timeless and shapely. Therefore, the warming plates with candles are used both in the private sector and in gastronomy. There are quickly lit three tealights and this type of heat storage is inexpensive and requires no outlet.

Stainless steel plates / ceramic plates

Stainless steel hotplates are most commonly used in catering. They can stand freely, are transportable because they are lightweight and therefore ideal for the catering industry. Meanwhile, glass ceramic panels are offered as an alternative on the market. Both the stainless steel hot plates and the glass ceramic heaters are easy to clean. For most devices of this type, the temperature can be adjusted via manual controls. Practical control lamps warn against overheating. A recommended product for a hot plate made of stainless steel is the „Bartscher hot plate“. It only takes 10 minutes. Heating-up time and keeps the food and drinks warm for 60 minutes. In addition, the temperature is automatically controlled.

Mounting plates

Especially often you will find warming-mounting plates in fast food. These hot plates can not stand free, but are installed in furniture. The electrically operated mounting plates are either made of stainless steel or glass ceramic. They are mainly intended for the gastronomy. Only a few hobby chefs treat themselves to the purchase of a holding plate in their professional kitchen. This type of food warmer is the most expensive of all the plates already mentioned. A thermostat is usually integrated. The temperature is usually set between 30 and 100 degrees Celsius.
(e.g., Scholl hot plate 26080 FB). Some mounting plates even manage to reach 120 degrees Celsius.

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