10 Best Vintage drinking glasses of 2018

  • Warranty against defect
  • Warranty against defect
  • Four 16 oz tumblers
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Made of durable pressed glass
  • Studio Silversmiths
  • COLORFUL RETRO STRAWS: Make breakfast fun with the...
  • SET OF 12: Value pack for the whole family to enjoy. Made...
  • PERFECT GIFT IDEA: Fun for kids, family, friends, and...
  • Made of recycled glass bottles
  • Perfectly sized for juice, water or tea
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Set of 6.^Measures approx. 3 x 5 inches.^Anodized...
  • green
  • purple
  • Set of (6) 16-ounce drinking glass tumblers
  • Anchor glass beverage ware features a durable weighted...
  • Anchor glass is a healthier choice over plastic; glass does...
  • Studio Silversmiths

Vintage drinking glasses guidebook

Vintage drinking glasses with handle, lid and drinking straw are in fashion. The Vintage drinking glasses are suitable for hot and cold drinks alike. Not a few use the sturdy glasses to serve ice cream and small desserts. Due to the very thick-walled glass, the glasses are extremely robust. The lid with screw cap closes tight, so that a vintage glass with screwed lid can fall over once, without the glass contents spread over the table. Vintage drinking glasses are a welcome gift and nice attention to the next barbecue.

Hot, cold and desserts – a glass for many contents

One of the benefits of vintage drinking glasses is their versatility. In the glasses, hot and cold drinks, desserts, sorbets and smoothies can be served simply and appealingly. Especially during the summer, the lid of the Vintage drinking glasses more than just an interesting detail. Through the lid insects are kept away from the contents of the glasses. Especially children will appreciate this. In addition, cold drinks remain cold longer through the lid and warm drinks stay warm longer. Thanks to the drinking straw, the content can still be enjoyed very easily. Provided it is a drink. Also useful are the different colored lid, which allow easy assignment of each glass to a specific person.

The Bluespoon Set contains 6 Vintage drinking glasses with a capacity of about 450 ml. Each glass includes a screw cap and a drinking straw matching the lid. The 17 cm long drinking straw comfortably reach down to the bottom of the glasses. A seal around the hole for the drinking straw in the lid ensures that even small insects can not crawl into the glass.

Use and maintain vintage drinking glasses properly

Basically you can say that Vintage drinking glasses are very sturdy. The glass consists of thick-walled pressed glass. This means that the glasses are not blown but exposed out of a lump of glowing glass in a special shape. The thick glass wall gives the glasses their enormous stability. It should be remembered, however, that this glass is not very heat resistant. Freshly brewed, hot coffee or tea should therefore not be filled into the vintage drinking glasses. For this reason, one usually finds only the indication „for warm drinks“. Hot drinks or soups cause the jars to burst in the worst case. The vintage drinking glasses can be easily rinsed in the machine after use. However, rinsing by hand is recommended for the lids and drinking straws. The strong alkaline Dishwasher cleanerThe inner sides of the covers and in particular the plastic seals in the covers can attack and destroy sooner or later. The smooth drinking straws are simply rinsed with warm water and are ready for use again after drying.

WOP ART offers vintage tumblers as 4 or 8 sets. The set of 4 are available with lids in four different or four times the same lid color. In the set of 8 each lid color is present twice. The straws are color matched to the lid colors. The vintage drinking glasses by WOP ART fit around 450 ml.

Vintage drinking glasses are ideal for garden parties, barbecues or children’s birthdays. The screw caps prevent bees, wasps and other insects from entering the glass. When buying, you should make sure that the lid of the glasses in the area of ​​the opening for the drinking stop have a seal. The additional seal prevents small insects from getting into the glass between the drinking straw and the lid. The thick-walled glasses are very robust and can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. If you give the lids of the glasses a little special care, then the stylish glasses in retro design can be used for a few years.

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