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  • Norpro 1975 Grip-EZ Grab and Lift Silicone Tong
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BBQ tongs guide

The day of heating up is very important for many people and this is May 1st. In many regions of Germany is always grilled to May. No matter if it is one charcoal grill. electric grillor gas Grillalways aids or suitable tools are needed. With the help of the tongs can bratwurst, Fish or even the meat are simply turned over. Again, it does not matter if American BBQ or the normal barbecue, the party can not succeed without the appropriate accessories. The tongs is still the most important accessory for grilling. The charcoal grill can often also be required to shift from the coal and even this can also by a tongs succeed wonderfully. Of course, there is also something for the right barbecue professionals barbecue utensilswhere sausage tongs or spatulaavailable. The pliers themselves, however, is the biggest tool when grilling. Compared to the tongsis the tongs a tool made of wood or metal, which is as long as possible. The two blade-shaped gripping surfaces are available at the front end and thus the grilled food is also kept as firm as possible. The main area of ​​application of the tongs is the mining, turning and laying of the food. Many of the grill professionals also layer the charcoalwith the barbecue tongs around and this in Säulengrillor im kettle grill, Important in this endeavor, however, is the barbecue tongs made of stainless steel. The wooden models usually can not withstand the temperatures. For wood book is mainly used, because this is not harmful and food safe. The grills have the big disadvantage that they are not put into the dishwasher, because they are quickly unsightly and gray by the washing operations. These wooden models must therefore be washed by hand.

What must be considered when buying barbecue tongs?

The barbecue tongs are available in lengths of 40 to 50 centimeters and they are designed to prevent burns. The stainless steel grilling pliers should not pass on the heat and therefore there are the handles made of leather, wood or plastic. At a reasonable length of the barbecue tongs, there are no burns, the special gripping surfaces, the turning of the grilling easily works and the coal can be redeployed with it. As a disadvantage it can be said that the products are rather expensive and they take in the closetPlace away. In the meantime, there are many different brands and manufacturers of barbecue cutlery. For the purchase is not crucial, whether the barbecue tongs on the Internet or in the store is bought. In the retail market, the purchase is advantageous, because here the barbecue tongs can also be held in the hand. Everyone can directly test how much force is needed when using the pliers. When buying on the Internet everyone has to rely on the manufacturer’s information. A good picture of the pliers often give the reviews of the customers and they often show the weaknesses and strengths. Important in the barbecue tongs is that there are different lengths and designs. The barbecue tongs should have the length of at least 40 centimeters for direct grilling and thus can also without the glovesto be well grilled. When it comes to grilling tongs in general, the longer they are, the better. A length of more than 60 centimeters is still not suitable, because otherwise it is too unwieldy. With the material, a distinction is made in the barbecue tongs between stainless steel and wood. Wood is very light, it feels good in the hand and the materials are environmentally friendly. For wood cleaning is more difficult and the high temperatures are not withstood. For stainless steel, the look is noble, it withstands the high temperatures and is also dishwasher safe. For stainless steel is heavier and with no handle, the heat conduction is high. A correct grip does not exist on all models. Wood grilling pliers do not need this either, because the heat is poorly conducted here. Stainless steel models have extra handles to keep the pliers from getting too hot. However, the pliers should not be placed on the side burners or the lid as the handles may melt. With some barbecue tongs, there are also valuable extras and so the locking device and the hanging loop.

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