10 Best Stove 7kW of 2019

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Stove 7kW Guide

Woodburning stove – tame magic of fire

Since humans exist, they take advantage of the fire. Not only the hunted game was prepared over the blazing flames. The comfortable warmth also protected against cold. The Fireplacewas the central place where all the inhabitants came together. To this day, hardly anything has changed.

History of the stoves
Were they Feuerkörbein the first fixed dwellings still open, provided in the further time a chimney stone in the roof for the smoke exhaust. Furnaces and hearths made of stone or brick moved away from the center of the room from the 9th century. Through niches in the house wall the smoke moved into the open air. Much of the precious heat was lost. It was not until the 15th century that wealthy people decorated the fireplace in the living room with artfully designed cast iron plates. They protected the wall and reflected the heat of the fire. Danish stove makers in particular took advantage of this discovery and developed a closed fireplace. Sparks dropped, while wood consumption declined rapidly with better heat utilization.

From the open fireplaceto the stove
Open fireplaces without doors are firmly connected to the wall. The typical smell of chimney and the crackling of the wood conjure up a pleasant warmth in the living room. Compared to free-standing ovens, they require a high construction cost. As a furnishing they take up a lot of space in the room. Depending on how strong the chimney pulls, smoke is expected in the apartment. Due to the open combustion chamber and the continuous chimney draft, a lot of indoor air is drawn outside. Retro-fitted fireplace inserts prevent the room from cooling down and increase the heat output considerably.

Advantages of the stove
The basic principle of the stoves has not changed. Stoves are decorative furnishings in the house. Glass doors allow the view of the blazing flames and create a cozy atmosphere. A special disc ventilation in the combustion chamber prevents black discs and soot formation on the glass panes. The required heating capacity depends on the size of the room. As a rule of thumb, well-insulated walls will heat up Wood stoveof seven kilowatts a room of up to 140 cubic meters, assuming a stove with a convection. Built-in air ducts suck cold air from below, warm up at the combustion chamber and flow up again into the room. Other designs leave a distance between the inner furnace and the shell. For a 7 kW stove the location is an important criterion. The convection ovens optimally distribute the heat so that subsequent rooms heat up. The surface temperature is lower. This is an advantage, especially in households with children, because pure radiation ovens have a high outside temperature. Burn injuries are painful. The place of installation near the chimney must therefore be far enough away from flammable materials.

The right stove
The different panels look good. They provide an appealing ambience in the living room. The stove becomes a stylish piece of furniture that sets accents. Once heated, stoves provide the heat quickly. Oven tiles, soapstone or natural stone have been known for centuries as heat storage. Together with the circulating air, the material heats up as radiant heat with less burnup at night. However, such stoves are heavy. Of the Slow-burning stoveOpera-B by HARK brings a good 150 kilograms on the scales. The room floor in the planned room corner must withstand the weight in a small area.

The useful details
In addition to the cozy atmosphere that spread the stoves, they are practical helpers in everyday life. TECHFIRE’s Aldebaran stove with sandstone cladding has a compartment that keeps tea or coffee warm for a long time. The Nachlegeholz is dry and handy in the lower niche. It’s getting smaller and easier, as shown by the fire stove Fireplace by Docooler. With just 65 kilograms, the simple stove brings up to seven kilowatts of heating power. Without opening the door, the operator reaches the ash pan. The lever for regulating the secondary air can be conveniently reached from the outside. On the cover plate is next to the exhaust pipe enough space to a kettleto steam. The whistle on the kiln dwarf: In addition to wood he tolerates logs and even coal.

Modern stoves operate with a high efficiency of up to 90 percent, with low emissions. This contributes to environmentally conscious and sustainable heating.

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