10 Best Single hotplates of 2018

  • Fine Quality
  • Spectacularly Designed
  • Flawless Finish
  • This versatile hot plate is a great addition to any kitchen...
  • 7 thermostatically controlled heat settings allow you to...
  • Durable cast iron heating plate in diameter of 7.4'', works...
  • This versatile hot plate is a great addition to any kitchen...
  • 7 thermostatically controlled heat settings allow you to...
  • Durable cast iron heating plate in diameter of 7.4'', works...
  • 8-Inch high speed tubular element
  • Robertshaw thermostat with infinite heat control to attain...
  • On/off rocker switch
  • 750 Watts of power for faster cooking
  • Adjustable temperature control with Off, Low, Med, and High...
  • Heating element lifts up for easy cleaning of chrome drip...
  • NEW
  • BTWTS337
  • Automatic safety shut-off with thermal fuse
  • Cast iron heating element
  • Thermostat regulated variable temperature control
  • Home & Garden, Kitchen, Dining & Bar, Small Kitchen...
  • Burners & Hot Plates, Hot Plate, Electric Burner, Cook...
  • Travel, Cooking Outdoors
  • Squad Livin Entertainment
  • MP3 Music
  • Fine Quality
  • Spectacularly Designed
  • Flawless Finish

Single hotplates guide

Electric cooking plates with a plate are the hit for singles and students. You are welcome to use them in small 1-room apartments or in shared apartments.

Even when it comes to a vacation trip, these devices are a reliable and necessary companion. Especially with camping friends Single hotplates gladly used to quickly prepare a meal or breakfast.
They are particularly popular because of their ideal dimensions, so that they can be stowed in any car or camper easily and space-saving.
Such a stove plate is ideal for garden and terrace, so you can quickly prepare a good meal.
As a rule, a socket is enough and you can start your hobby.
Mostly, solid processed equipment is sold at a reasonable price. Single hotplates Well-known manufacturers are often already on offer for 20, -EUR. The plates are usually very powerful, they can stand temperatures up to 500 degrees heat.
Especially for a cup of tea or coffee, or for the preparation of a soup, they are excellent, this process is still very fast.

Sources of supply such Single hotplates

Who thinks about getting such a hotplate, will quickly find it in major department stores or on the Internet. If you decide to buy on the Internet, you can often buy high quality products at a reasonable price.
Even a comparison among the various providers is worthwhile, but here are often significant price differences.

Models that convince in performance, quality and price

Bestron AHP 112: This hot plate is a technical achievement for hot food and drinks in one. With a diameter of 18.5 cm, this product can be easily accommodated almost anywhere, and these dimensions are without problems for pots and pans of medium size. This also means that food can be prepared for several people in one cooking process. An almost ideal device for renters or owners of smaller apartments, this single hotplate is a space saving solution to the stoveFunctionally to replace.

Description: Electric 1-field hotplate with 150 W power; Cooking plate diameter 16.5 cm; Heating plate made of sturdy cast iron.
Properties: The housing is painted high heat resistant; equipped with temperature control, indicator light, anti-slip feet. Power supply: 220-240 V, 50 Hz.
Good device for a fair price!

Single hotplate 1000 watts from the company Schäfer

This cooking appliance is available for an unbeatable price of 12,95 EUR on the internet.
Power 1000 watts; Single hotplate – variable temperature setting; Control lamp + automatic switch-off; Diameter of the hotplate 155 mm; Cable pre-assembled with rubber sheath.

Conclusion: A good quality and handy device at a very reasonable price!

Comparative winner quality hotplate 2000 watts from the company TSZ First Austria

This hotplate is made of solid cast iron and is practical for everyone Cookwarecompatible. In addition, the hot plate with over 2.0 kilograms dead weight has a stable weight for a safe cooking.
This single hotplate with a strong 2000 watts of heating power is controlled by an automatic temperature control. This has the great advantage that the device heats up with a maximum of power and keeps the temperature constant with minimal energy consumption.
In this way, energy is saved, overheating of the hotplate is excluded and a constant turning of the knob is not necessary. The temperature of the cooking surface reaches a temperature of up to +500 degrees.
Ideal for camping, garden and terrace.

Also advantageous is the cable length of almost 1 meter, the overheating protection and the non-slip rubber feet.
The price of 21.95 EUR can be described as fair.
This device offers an excellent price and performance ratio!

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