10 Best Sealer of 2019

Sealer Advice

Film sealers pack food quickly and airtight. As a result, foods are longer lasting, because bacteria and mold spores remain outside in the almost empty space. With vacuum sealers, too Vacuumcalled, food can be stored up to eight times longer. They do not change their color or taste during storage. Also the vitaminsstay preserved. Freezer burn does not occur at all.

How does a vacuum sealer work?

Vacuum sealers and vacuum sealers are divided into two types. On Sealer welds open bags of chips or frozen products. Vacuum sealers pull the air out of the bag and then pull a weld. Vacuum sealers do not create a real vacuum compared to a vacuum sealer. Often, the covers must be pressed down firmly to achieve a tight weld. Vacuum sealers and vacuum sealers have a capacity between 100 and 200 watts. For high-quality vacuuming, there is a button that stops the vacuuming process and starts the welding process.

Vacuum sealers and vacuum packers for household use

A renowned manufacturer of vacuum sealers is Caso, which offers vacuum sealers and vacuum sealers. The Vacuum Sealer VC 10 welds foils up to 30 cm wide and of any length. It has an automatic temperature control, so that the foils do not melt during welding. The VC 100 seals the foils with two seams with double security. The VC 200 also has an integrated cutter and a foil box. The performance of the devices is between 90 watts and 120 watts. All three vacuumers are compatible with the Caso Zip Adapter and the Caso Container Set for vacuuming liquid foods. Another one Sealer is available from Profi Cook, the PC-VK 1080. The device works fully automatically and with 12 liters of suction per minute is also suitable for sensitive foods. It creates a 90 percent vacuum. The device can as Sealer or used as a vacuumizer. Other well-known manufacturers are Rommelsbacher, Gastoback or Steba. Useful settings on the devices are the adaptation to moist foods, to soft fruit varieties or the possibility to end the operation prematurely, so that the stored food is not crushed. So that you can start immediately after the purchase, there is an initial supply of films or vacuum bags in the scope of delivery. For vacuuming special bags with a stronger structure are necessary. The honeycombed surface creates small channels as they squeeze, allowing the device to deflate the air. The use of the right bag is essential for a tight weld. The sealed bags can usually be boiled in water. This preserves the taste of meat and vegetables better.

Quality check on vacuum sealers and vacuum sealers

The more welds the device produces, the better the food is protected. When vacuuming, the air bubbles remaining in the bag determine the quality and whether the bag is close to the food. Some devices only handle dry foods. For liquids you have to buy extra containers. An advantage is when the films are wound on an endless roll. When buying pay attention to the cost of buying the film, which are often not insignificant.

Meaningful functions of vacuum sealers

With an integrated cutter, the device cuts the foil bags to the desired length. A built-in tray catches any leaking liquids. The roll holder serves to keep slides at hand. Decide between one Sealer where you need to press down the lid and a device that pulls the lid closed with a lever. It is advantageous if you do not take a lot of space when stowing or upright in the closetstow away.

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