10 Best Rowenta vacuum cleaner of 2019

  • Kitchen
  • Extremely quiet, 100% performance; With just 66 dBA, the...
  • Highly efficient floor nozzle High Efficiency
  • High dust bag capacity of 3.5 l, easy to handle and very...
  • Cleaning, Home | Garden, Vacuum cleaners and cleaning...
  • Cleaning, Home | Garden, Vacuum cleaners and cleaning...
  • Head Delta
  • Ideal for vacuuming in corners
  • Clip Locking System
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen
  • Kitchen
  • This vacuum cleaner bag can be easily fitted to most...
  • The ultra-resistant microfiber bag features five filtering...
  • Includes 4 allergy care universal vacuum cleaner bags and 1...

Rowenta vacuum cleaner guide

Rowenta vacuum cleaner– Floor care made easy

You need a new vacuum cleaner and still have no idea how to find exactly your model in the huge offer? Then just take a look at the offer from Rowenta. This company has had a good reputation in the field of home appliances for many decades. The origins of the company date back to 1884. At the beginning of the 20th century, Rowenta began producing electrical household appliances, making it one of the pioneers in this field.

Housewives and caretakers, who occasionally dream of the energetic support of brownies, should take a closer look at the product range, because Rowenta has the right equipment for every job in the household. Especially in the field of soil care, nothing needs to be left unfulfilled. The range goes from the classic hand vacuum cleaneruntil the Multipurpose suckerwhich also gets along well with wetness.

The right offer for every need

The functional principle of a vacuum cleaner is the same in every case. With the help of a Mitors a negative pressure is generated. This creates a stream of air that is able to absorb coarse dirt particles and fine dust. The dirt is collected in a container. Before the air exits the device, it is passed through a filter system to prevent the release of fine dust into the Raumlauft.

However, before you lose yourself in technical details, you should carefully analyze your individual needs for soil care. Under certain circumstances, even the purchase of several devices may be advisable to facilitate the housework as much as possible. If you live in a relatively small apartment, a hand vacuum is especially recommended. This design allows agile and efficient work. Effortlessly you can also reach areas in the room. In a large apartment or in a family home, a vacuum cleaner is the better choice. So you do not need to hold the weight and can pull the vacuum cleaner behind easily. The classic vacuum cleaner collects the dirt in special bags. Modern appliances collect the dirt in containers that can be emptied and cleaned. So you can buy the relatively expensive ones Dust bagssave up. In large households with many people, the purchase of a wet vacuum cleaner is recommended. With such a sucker can absorb liquids. This also proves to be very helpful in the care of kitchen and bathroom.

Whisper quiet and very efficient

Do you live in an apartment building and do not want to stress the nerves of your neighbors unnecessarily? Then you should take a closer look at the Rowenta vacuum cleaner Silence Force by Rowenta. With a noise level of 64 dBA, it works much quieter than most comparable vacuum cleaners of the competition. Nevertheless, this vacuum cleaner does its job perfectly. No matter if your home is equipped with arkett, tiles or carpet – this vacuum cleaner will keep your home sparkling and bright with little effort and effort. The powerful engine consumes only 750 W and thus not only protects the environment but also your household budget. Noteworthy is also the extensive accessories, with which you perfectly upholstered furniture, joints or parquet.

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