10 Best Retro kitchen scales of 2018

  • Includes two chairs
  • Material: Metal
  • Upholstery: Vinyl
  • Lifetime warranty; Ultra slim profile
  • 15 pound or 7000 gram capacity
  • Measures liquid and dry ingredients
  • Portion foods and ingredients in retro style with this...
  • A gleaming nice red or silver/gray color with a stainless...
  • Easily remove and clean the stainless steel weighing bowl.
  • Steel construction with removable stainless steel bowl
  • Metric & imperial measurements
  • 11lb capacity
  • Includes two chairs
  • Material: Metal
  • Upholstery: Vinyl
  • Retro Mechanical Scale up to 5 kg with 2 liter stainless...
  • Color : Beige
  • Material : Steel
  • Stainless Steel Mechanical Kitchen Scale
  • Capacity 10KG/ 22LBS; Scale has both readings
  • Large and Removable Plate; Easy to Read
  • Retro Kitchen Scale needle - Accuracy: 20 g
  • Product type : Kitchen scale
  • The Kitchen Craft Classic Collection heavy duty kitchen...
  • The vintage style scales are finished in a matt black...
  • Capacity of 2kg/4lb.
  • 1 YEAR WARRANTY! REGISTER your product after purchase and...
  • ACCURATE - 4 high precision G-force load sensors provide...
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL - Electric kitchen cooking scale provides...

Retro kitchen scales guide

Everything has to become more and more modern, technological and electronic. The kitchen is no exception and you do not always have to buy the latest products. Some classic devices not only score with their simple handling, but also with their stylish design. Just such a helper is a retro kitchen scale, which does not have much to do with the digital models. After all, you do not read anything on a screen, but you have an analog display. After a short settling-in period, you will get along well with the new scale.

A nice alternative: the retro kitchen scale

On a kitchen scaleyou can not do without today because this is just as important as a mixer or the Wooden spoon, Especially if you like baking, a kitchen scale is used almost daily. Of course, today there are many models that are equipped with a digital screen, so you only have to read the weight. There are even a few products that offer different units of measure to keep track of everything. But with all the technology one thing is lost: the fun of cooking. With a Retro kitchen scales You can keep this, because with such a balance you still have to do everything by hand. There is no technique batteriesor a digital display, but everything is completely manual. A small plus for you: Due to the lack of technology is less broken.

The look of a retro kitchen scale

Most Retro kitchen scales are made of metal and thus fit into every household. Even if you own a very modern kitchen, one can Retro kitchen scales to become a beautiful eye-catcher and create a chic style break. Not rare is that the retro kitchen scales still has a colored coating. Mostly bright colors like red, green or blue are used, which will make the scales a true design piece. In addition to the classic colors, there are also gentle alternatives such as cream, pink or mint green. These are less intrusive, but still make something. In addition, most are Retro kitchen scales equipped with a matching bowl. If you have measured or weighed something, you can simply remove it and clean it in the dishwasher. This makes your everyday life easier and you no longer have to worry about a lot of work. How much the retro kitchen scale can carry depends on the model. Usually the carrying capacity is between 1 and 5 kilograms.

How do you use a retro kitchen scale?

First, place the supplied bowl or a separate bowl on the scale. You can now standardize this with a rotary movement or a knob, so that it stands exactly at 0 grams. Now you can put flour, butter, sugar and many other ingredients in the bowl. The small needle on the display moves slowly forward, so you only have to stop at the number of grams you want. Then take the bowl down and process the ingredients. If you have any further calculations to make, just start over. Most Retro kitchen scales Measure in 100-gram increments. Surely the device is not as accurate as the digital version, but who really needs 104 grams of an ingredient? Most recipes consist of 100 full steps, so you can measure everything exactly. After putting the bowl in the Washing machineIf you have cleaned and maybe removed the remains of flour or other ingredients with a damp cloth from the kitchen scale, you can put the model away. Although it is a bit bigger, you will surely find a place in it closet, Practically, you can basically use a retro kitchen scales at any time. You never have to pay attention to battery operation or a long switch-on time. You can start immediately and you will not lose time.

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