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Potato cutter guidebook

It started in 1746 in Brandenburg. King Frederick II, the Great, commands potato cultivation. However, first with little success and more cultivation instructions had to follow

– with success. Today, the dusty, subterranean agricultural products are among the most popular staple foods of the Germans. They are consumed in different forms of preparation. These include boiled potatoes, boiled potatoes, fried potatoes, mashed potatoes and French fries. In the beginning, however, is always the cutting or grating of potatoes. This effort is made easier by apparatuses that peel the potatoes, crush them into different shapes or grind them. This then results in discs, cubes, pens or spirals. Laborious chopping with a kitchen knife on one cutting boardSo it is not necessary anymore. The devices used instead are subsumed under the generic term „potato cutter“.

What are potato cutters?

The term is not clearly definable. This category includes devices in a variety of designs for a variety of applications. The same applies to the materials. Most commonly used are plastic, stainless steel and aluminum. Many devices are designed not only for cutting potatoes, but also for chopping vegetables and fruits. Therefore, everyone should consider before a purchase decision, for which he the potato Schneider wants to use. Equipment for pure potato cutting, and perhaps only in simple slices, there are already for a few euros. Multifunction devices cost many times over. The following is an overview of the variety of devices given, the purely verbal representation is unfortunately somewhat imperfect, because some potato Schneider present themselves with an approximately complex mechanics that can only be represented with sufficient visual quality. Therefore, the study of the illustrations is strongly recommended, the only way the functionality of some potato Schneider clearly recognize.

The main variants of the potato Schneider

potato grid
These are the simplest and cheapest potato Schneider , The name is misleading, because the cutting tools are not arranged like a grid, but more like fence posts in parallel. They are in a frame with a handle. Cooked potatoes or jacket potatoes are pressed through and chopped into slices. Some devices are also suitable for bananas, beetroot, boiled celery or the like.

potato slicer
Handling the flat and elongated device is similar to a wood planer. However, the device has several cutting blades for scraping boiled potatoes. This produces potato slices for mainly potato salad or fried potatoes.

Potato presses for puree
Most potato cutters for puree are an advanced variant of the French Cutter, Through a special mechanical insert instead of the grid for fries potatoes are crushed, so pressed, for puree.

spiral Schneider
To this device belongs a skewer on which a raw potato is stuck (pierced). The skewer is clamped with the potato in the device and the skewer is then cranked. Knives cut the potato, but not into individual parts, but to a spiral-like structure, the so-called „Twister“. This can then be further processed, for. B. in a deep fryer. Lots spiral Schneiderare also suitable for vegetables and fruits.

Spiral cutter for chips
These potato cutters are a commonly used variant of spiral cutters. Chips are created by simply separating the spiral.

French Cutter
In a Pommesschneider a peeled potato is pressed through a lattice-like cutting attachment. The result is the well-known elongated potato strips. The shape and cross section of the strips can be varied with the help of different attachments. With many Pommesschneidern also fruit and vegetable strips can be produced.

Multifunction Schneider
In addition to the crushing of potatoes, these devices also offer a variety of options for cutting, rasping, chopping and other mincing of fruits and vegetables. For pure potato cutting, however, multifunctional cutters are oversized and a useless expense.

Some criteria for choosing a potato cutter

– suitable for which potato conditions (raw, boiled or boiled potatoes)
– What shape of sliced ​​potatoes is desired
– dismountable for cleaning and easy to clean
– dishwasher safe
– Inserts easily replaceable
– Should also vegetables and fruits are zekleinert
– stable housing

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