10 Best overlock yarn of 2023

  • Substantial 12 gauge knit with tightly twisted 2-ply yarns...
  • Superior soft and ultra cozy, substantial yet not bulky....
  • Comfy draw string hood, kangaroo pockets, ribbed cuffs and...
  • Short Sleeve Pro Fishing Shirt
  • Woven Mini Checker fabric is soft ,light weight, and...
  • Our moisture management fabric is created from a...
  • Let your freak flag fly loud and proud!
  • 30/1 Fine Knit Jersey
  • Prewashed to minimize shrinking
  • All-Over Print Youth Swimsuit
  • Fabric weight: 6.78 oz/yd² (230g/m²), weight may vary by...
  • UPF 38-40
  • Designed to meet the needs for on the field or off, the new...
  • Our moisture management fabric is created from a...
  • Eye-catching solid body color with dyed to match buttons /...
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  • This Dad shirt makes a great father's day gift for husbands,...
  • Prewashed to minimize shrinking
  • Let your freak flag fly loud and proud!
  • 30/1 Fine Knit Jersey
  • Prewashed to minimize shrinking
  • Dress up this Halloween Friday like a counselor from the...
  • Wear a mask and machete or a jersey to make it a full...
  • Prewashed to minimize shrinking
  • Whatever genre of music you love defines you.
  • 30/1 Fine Knit Jersey
  • Prewashed to minimize shrinking
  • One of our bestselling styles! 100% micro polyester birds...
  • Moisture management fabric is created from a...
  • Interlock weave with birds eye pattern for maximum...

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Overlock yarn guide

Of the overlock yarn is, like other yarns, available in different thicknesses and colors. It should be noted here: The smaller the number of strength, the stronger is then the

Yarn. What makes this yarn so special is that it can be used on almost all fabrics, including very fine fabrics such as tulle or organza. In addition, the yarn can be washed at up to 95 ° C and iron at high temperatures.

How does the overlock sewing machine work?

At the time only reserved for professional dressmakers, Overlock enjoys sewing machineNowadays, it is becoming increasingly popular in private households. This is mainly because the result of the finished sewing works much cleaner than conventional household sewing machines. The Overlock sewing machines are equipped with a sharp knife located on the outer edge, which automatically cuts off the excess fabric edges. In addition, the seams are a lot more durable and elastic than in the conventional. It is at the same time worked with two, three, four or even five seams, also known as Überwendlichs- or Überwendlingsnaht. Thus, when sewing solid fabrics, e.g. Denim fabrics using double-needle double-chain stitching, while for fine and light fabrics, e.g. Tulle or silk, the three-thread rolled hem is used. Just curly skirt and sleeve hem seem very decorative. The Flatlocknaht in turn is ideal for decorative stitching or stretchy hems and is therefore also used as a connecting seam or wrinkles. The three-thread seam is used for overcasting and the four-thread composite seam is used for simultaneous sewing and overcasting.

What forms of overlock sewing machines are still available?

1. Coverlock sewing machine: This is a special form in which the knife is missing. As a result, a central stitching is possible. In addition, you can make round seams with the help of a free arm.
2. Combined Overlock Coverlock Machine: This is a combined form of both types that allows the knife to be folded away or removed as needed.

which overlock yarn is the right one?

Overlock sewing machines are very robust, therefore all kinds of yarns are suitable for use. Especially at the beginning and only for trying it is recommended, normal nutrient yarn. It should be a sturdy spool, which rotates well on the spool holder.
Using a too small spool can cause:
the spool does not rotate.
this can get stuck.
it does not stay in place and takes off.
the thread breaks and thus no clean seam is formed.
Advantages overlock yarn:
Of the overlock yarn is wound up on big cones.
He has a longer run length
The opening is slightly wider at the bottom, which makes the yarn more stable on the spool and unrolls smoothly.
Its cylindrical tapered plastic rollers ensure a smooth unwinding of the yarn.

What should be considered when buying

The commonly used thickness of an overlock yarn is 40/2. The first number indicates the thickness of the yarn and the second number behind the slash indicates the number of yarns in which the yarn has been twisted.
It is also important to make sure when buying that the overlock yarn is available in different lengths. This can be a run length of about 2700 m to about 5000 m.
Overlock yarn is mostly made of polyester because this material has the best properties. It does not tear easily and has fewer irregularities and nodules. Thus, the polyester has a positive influence on the durability of the seam and on the entire sewing result.
Overlock yarns are available individually in neutral colors or in sets.

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