10 Best mop of 2018

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  • O'cedar BRANDS
  • Misc.
  • Textured Wet mopping pad cloths TRAP + LOCK dirt deep in...
  • Scrubbing Strip removes tough spots
  • Safe on all finished floors* *Do not use on unfinished,...
  • O-Cedar
  • Kitchen
  • Professional quality, great for cleaning the home or office....
  • Included: (2) Microfiber Wet Mop Pads, (1) Microfiber Dust...
  • Our microfiber mops clean more thoroughly and more...
  • Textured Wet mopping pad cloths TRAP + LOCK dirt deep in...
  • Scrubbing Strip removes tough spots. Dissolves grime
  • Safe on all finished floors**Do not use on unfinished, oiled...
  • Rubbermaid
  • Kitchen
  • Mopnado
  • Kitchen
  • Professional Quality: Our floor mop is built to last with...
  • Adjustable Handle: Included extension piece extends up to...
  • Easy Maneuvering: 360 degree rotating 14.75" metal mop frame...

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Mop advisor

All households, office complexes, companies, schools & co have one thing in common – sooner or later they have to be thoroughly cleaned in order to be able to continue to provide cleanliness. What comes in many buildings and apartments with parquet or laminate better than the time-tested mop? After all, this has been firmly integrated into the households for years and as a building cleaner / -in has the mop just as booming. It is not surprising, why more and more consumers on the mop look and look, which is suitable for you and the local conditions.

Wischmopp – which manufacturers are frolicking here?

There are a large number of manufacturers who find themselves especially in cleaning. Especially Vileda is quite a common provider, the consumer may pay more attention and should necessarily. After all, there are high-quality mops that are always adapted to new standards in order to stand out unrivaled. Titan as well as Leifheit are well-known manufacturers for mop, which are a more affordable alternative to many other pugs and should enjoy a little more attention. Vileda, Leifheit, Titanium, CleanMaxx, Mr Max and Clever Clean are the most common manufacturers for Wischmöppe & Co, who are definitely crossed when it comes to cleaning.

Which one mop is the right one?

Here it depends especially on where the cleaning should take place. Microfibre is a good option for laminate floors & Co because they do not have to be made too wet to enjoy a good cleaning effect. While the classic mop with cotton & Co ideally in bathrooms, kitchens & Co with tiles can be used as well as in hallways, where the cleaning should go fast, but nevertheless carefully and pleasantly damp. Einwischmöppe are, as the name suggests, only once to use. This would be evictions, where after a broom purity is expected, garden cleaning, balconies and more worth a recommendation to the respective mop immediately after disposal.

Mop – what value for money is to be expected?

The price segments for mop are incredibly versatile, so that a general direction would be wrong. But it always depends on which manufacturer is desired and which material is used. When it comes to a simple mop, many find one in the so-called 1-Euro shops, which is quite good for a few missions. While Vileda & Co certainly demand more money, but pay attention to quality, cleaning effect and simple cleaning of the mop. On this occasion, it is recommended at least, if medium-price mop to be used, because they ensure a long life, are easy to clean, guarantee fast and beautiful cleaning and are just better for any use, as a cheap mop.

Where are mops used?

Especially in schools and in the classical building cleaning profession. Here are various mops omnipresent. Be it microfiber, linen or even leather. There is a wide variety of mops that are used here to provide cleaning facilities that can be cleaned quickly and accurately. It is therefore not even sweeping to say where all are in action. But even in private households, they are almost the basic equipment and when it comes only to clean the hallway perfectly.

Which mop is the right one for me?

Which mop is the right one for your own interests, of course, decide prospects themselves. It is important to note that it depends on the materials to be cleaned in order to create a good base. A mop for the hallway may be kept simple and simple. Since the classic cotton is certainly good. While on laminate is recommended that the microfibre mop is used to allow little water to get on the laminate. You can see for yourself that there are a variety of applications that require equally different mop. So it’s important to see where which mop can be used and then find the right dad.

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