10 Best meat grinder of 2019

  • Gourmia
  • Durable crank handle
  • Food-safe tin coateing
  • Secures to any flat surface
  • Durable crank handle
  • Food-safe tin coateing
  • Secures to any flat surface
  • High Precision engineered Aluminum grinder attachment...
  • Work as professional meat/food grinder included 1 grinding...
  • Serviced as Sausage maker with 2 stainless steel sausages...
  • AMAZINGLY EASY TO USE - Simply place your desired meats into...
  • QUALITY & TOP PERFORMANCE - Constructed with heavy-duty...
  • SAFE & ERGONOMIC - Designed to be user-friendly and...
  • TIME SAVER: much faster than cutting by hand; chop onions,...
  • SHARP STAINLESS STEEL BLADES: 300W powerful motor, 4...
  • SATISFY HOME NEED: 1.2L capacity for 1-4 persons-mashed...
  • √ High Power but Low Noise - Features 1800 Watts of peak...
  • √ Food Grade Material - Stainless steel cutting knife and...
  • √ Multifunction - Meat mincer with 3 different cutting...
  • 🍔[EASY TO USE] - No special skills needed to...
  • 🍔[TOP QUALITY AND PERFORMANCE] - Made of heavy-duty...
  • 🍔[STRONG SUCTION BASE] - Features a powerful suction...

Meat grinder counselor

Meat grinder – the fast way to work with fresh ingredients

Long before the age of industrialization, methods of mincing meat are known. Because in this way could also less valuable parts of an animal body finely crushed and prepared tasty. The first tools were sharp, sharp stones or metal tools that resembled a knife. With the Wiegemesserand the mortarin a semicircular container, the possibility of meat cutting in terms of time and effort improved. In the Middle Ages, efficient forerunners of today’s meat grinder were created. With ever better materials and modern technology is now such a kitchen helper from the balanced diet almost indispensable.

Construction and equipment of a meat grinder

On top of meat grinder sits down funnelin which meat and other ingredients are added at will. By moving a hand crank or with electric help, a sharp snail moves inside the wolf and crushes everything. The finished sausage meat is pressed forward by differently coarse attachments from a horizontally mounted opening. Of the meat grinder stands for this process on a stable base. Depending on the model, it is additionally fixed to a work table by means of clamps.

device types

For the private kitchen, the simplest meat grinders are sufficient. Electric models are less exhausting, and for large needs for cutting meat and ingredients very large, also electrically running variants are available.

Manual meat grinders

In the classic, manual meat grinder variant, the snail is moved by muscle power. The dispensing opening allows coarser or finer sausage versions. In the private kitchen, this simple variant is popular for preparing fresh bullets, fish meat or other finely blended creations. However, the necessary muscle strength causes fatigue when grinding by hand crank depending on the type of meat.

Electrically powered meat grinders

Electric meat grinders save a lot of time and energy. Instead of muscle power, a sturdy engine drives the screw. However, to operate such a model, a grid connection must be within reach. Modern engines are also equipped with overheating protection. This switches off the motor when the permitted operating temperature is exceeded. Only after a cooling phase can with such meat grinder continue to work.

Electric cutter in the industry

Significantly larger and suitable for huge quantities of meat are cutters. They are used in industrial meat processing. Even smaller butchers work with these extra large meat grinders. Unlike the house model here is the amount of meat and spices cooled with ice to prevent sticking of the protein at such levels. Also runs instead of a snail a large shovelAll around, and on a large bowl with inwardly inclined input surface, the pieces of meat and other ingredients are crushed and mixed.

Advantages of using manual and electric meat grinders

* Very fine shredding of solid meat components such as tendons with significantly less muscle power than with a knife or mortar
* Double function shredding and blending for fast preparation of ready-to-cook sausages
* Space saving and ready for use
* With electrical variants also fast preparation of larger quantities of meat possible
* Indestructible quality of manual models – Engine with electrical variants occasionally a weak point in longevity
* A sausage pressed out over a sieve can be produced in different quality by coarse or fine adjustment

Disadvantages of the use

* High cleaning effort after using both the manual and electric meat grinder
* For manual versions, great effort is needed
* For electric versions, risk of engine overheating

Buying guide for optimal model choice

The answer to the following questions facilitates the selection of the best individual model:

a) Which meat quantities are expected to be processed daily?

For small household quantities, manual versions are sufficient, for larger quantity plans facilitated by an electrically powered one meat grinder the work.

b) Which surface is available for the model?

Electrical variants require the proximity of a mains connection. The models also differ in the size of the installation with regard to the possible filling quantity.

c) Is the device used commercially or privately?

Commercial versions of meat grinders are more expensive, but some are equipped with practical additional functions. Those who only creatively work with roast meat, mixed vegetables or mincemeat can better use a simple model.

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