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Sewing box guide

Sewing box fully in fashion again

Sewing is experiencing a new renaissance. But even those who do not tailor their own clothes, fall to small sewing and needlework such as socks or button sew on button. If a small piece of damage is to be quickly repaired on the favorite garment in order to be able to put it back on again, the required sewing accessories should always be at hand. A sewing box is the right place to collect all the utensils and keep them sorted. The sewing box has space for all sewing needles, pins, sewing thread, Spare buttons and the like.

Order in inside story makes the seamstress life easier

Of course, it is necessary to keep a certain order in the sewing box in order to have the necessary sewing accessories quickly at hand. In many models of the inside story is a special system of order so that hardly any disorder can arise. The sewing box is a clear everyday help. But which utensils should he contain?

Default content for one inside story

In the inside story All accessories for sewing, stuffing and embroidery work are stored. Basically, a sewing box should have a standard filling with the following items:

– For sewing and sewing garments is the tape measurean important aid that always in the inside story should be included.

– A very sharp, small thread scissors, which cuts the yarn very clean and without fraying, as well as a universal scissors for cutting fabrics and thicker yarn are a must in the sewing box for all types of handicrafts.

– Sewing thread in various colors is a must in every sewing box. Only then is it possible to have the right thread for an unobtrusive repair at hand. At least the standard colors white, black, gray and brown should be represented.

– A pincushion and a storage box with various sewing and Stopfnadelausführungen is also essential. Sewing needles are easier to thread if one needle threaderis available. In addition, there are also pins that are needed for staking out when sewing trousers etc.

– A small selection of buttons should also be bunkered in the sewing box. Replacement buttons of blouses and shirts that are often on sale pushbuttonsand neutral buttons for various occasions should be there where you can find them good.

– Safety pins are also an important all-round tool if a zipper is broken or something should be put together for a while.

Classic among the sewing boxes

Many still remember the classic sewing box from grandma’s time. A small wooden box in which the side panels can be folded out and thus reveal the contents. This handy model could simply be placed on the table next to work.

Another classic is the sewing box as a small piece of furniture. This sewing box stands on four feet and can be used like a side table. Most of these wooden sewing boxes are about 30 to 60 cm wide and offer plenty of storage space. These classic models are reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s.

Modern design for a traditional sewing box

However, there are now also modern sewing boxes that have special shapes and colorfully decorated. While wood used to be the classic material in the past, today too much is made of plastic or metal. Where can people who have a sewing box not only in the closetwant to make it a decorative home accessory in the room. In particular, sewing boxes in shabby chic or retro style are currently very much in vogue.

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