10 Best heat pump dryer of 2019

  • Made from top quality and durable Materiasl
  • Factory installed bi-flow liquid line filter dryer
  • Aluminium fin coil
  • Blomberg
  • Electronics
  • Product Details Liquid and Suction Line Filter/Dryers For...
  • Whirlpool
  • Product Details Liquid and Suction Line Filter/Dryers For...
  • 3/8 INPUT X 3/8 OUTLET
  • VALCON TBF 08 3 S
  • Made from top quality and durable Materiasl
  • Factory installed bi-flow liquid line filter dryer
  • Aluminium fin coil
  • MUST HAVE NECESSITY until wireless power is abundantly...
  • ELIMINATE BULKY WALL WART brick adapters from outlets and...
  • UL Listed & Approved | RoHS Compliant | CSA Approved - 3x...
  • Three operational modes: Cooling/Dehumidifying/Fan
  • R410 refrigerant
  • 14,000btu cooling power

Heat pump dryer guide

On clothes dryercan make life much easier, especially in bad weather or generally in winter. But there is a lot to keep in mind, which does not always necessarily have something to do with the price.

Tumble the differences
conventional vented dryerFor a long time they were the hitters for the private household. The downside, a hose had to be put outwards. Therefore, these dryers were mostly purchased by homeowners, who could then build a permanent solution. For rented apartments, a window always had to be opened in case of emergency, so that this room could become very cold. Therefore, these dryers hardly play a role, since there are already better solutions here. Then came the condenser dryer, which at the same time gave off heat to the room. However, this still has a big disadvantage today, this consumes a lot of electricity. With an energy efficiency of C, a lot can flow to the electricity provider, no matter how cheap the purchase was. The new generation clothes dryers are heat pump dryer , which additionally have the energy class A. However, the technology is important here, because the dryer works almost in advance and uses some of the generated heat or better energy, even for the next charge. The biggest drawback, this heat pump dryer are relatively expensive to buy, but this extra expense can still be worth it. Because the dryer saves significantly with every use of electricity costs, which can be so drastically reduced.

Price comparison is always worthwhile here
Of course, nobody has to be directly one of the modern ones heat pump dryer buy, but a price comparison should be here before. However, here too on the Washing machinebe taken care of, so that the laundry is well thrown. This also reduces energy costs, as well as the heat pump dryer , If you have an old washing machine, you often have to dry the laundry several times. That can, despite the most modern technology, at heat pump dryer also drive up electricity costs. So before buying such a modern dryer also checking. Likewise, many single households are not really convinced of this technique, since there is a lot of money for the purchase is consumed. This can often be calculated very quickly, because the consumption is really very cheap here. So should always be expected with increasing energy costs, which then can no longer compensate for the change to another provider. Another point may be a new model, so that the previous models are often considerably cheaper. Then a purchase can be worthwhile, especially since in the newer models often only the front was modernized.

Wait can also help
Frequently, the new models are presented in the spring or fall, so the wait here can really pay off. The heat pump drier then saves every time the laundry is dried. So dry laundry and at the same time still save electricity costs, this is exactly what this heat pump dryer. Well worth the higher initial cost, but that depends on the usage. Because if you use the dryer more often, you save the higher costs for the purchase faster. But even more important, it can be how gently the heat pump dryer then handles the laundry. There are also considerable differences here, which are also noticeable in the price. If the heat pump dryer is equipped with a so-called gentle drum, the laundry is treated here more gently. This means that the drum rotates in both directions and the driving blades are better applied. So the laundry is dry faster and, above all, the material is spared. Because that also helps to save a lot of money, since new purchases are expensive.

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