10 Best handicraft knives of 2019

  • reproduction Silver work Steel Bow
  • Perfect material for reference reading and/or viewing.
  • Made for the outdoor hobbyist in all of us
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Perfect material for reference reading and/or viewing.
  • Made for the outdoor hobbyist in all of us
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Editors of Woodcarving Illustrated
  • Fox Chapel Publishing
  • Kindle Edition
  • CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY with every order. All our images...
  • COLLECTIBLE / MEMORABILIA Vintage photographs are a great...
  • Great for WALL DECOR. An original piece of history in your...
  • Each Measures Approximately: 6 Inches Long. Set of 4 Cheese...
  • Beautifully crafted steel square handles with a distressed...
  • Set includes: 1 fork, 2 flat head spreaders and 1 pointed,...
  • damascus hunting knife blank 1095 15n20 high carbon steel
  • 4 mm thick large size
  • high carbon steel blade unsharp.
  • Thai Carving Knife Vetgetables Fruit&Soap Handle-Brass Solid...
  • Halloween Tattoo Stickers Wound Tattoo Stickers Simulation...
  • Table set for 4 people is very cute for your mini world...
  • Material: noncorrosive metal + glazed ceramic
  • Package : 4 set (4 knives + 4 spoons + 4 Forks +4 plates)

Craft knife guide

If you work on a regular basis, it is important that you have an excellent handicraft knives has available. Whenever you cut or remove marks in a stencil, you will never get a clean result with a pair of scissors. A solid handicraft knives does not need to be made of Damascus steel. After all, you just want to cut different types of paper and thus do no operations. Despite everything, it is important that handicraft knives has certain quality features.

What about one handicraft knives important
Craft knives can have different form factors. It is available in the scalpel form. There is also that handicraft knives but also in the pliers and cutter form. The appropriate shape of the knife can be chosen according to taste. It has to do first of all with the position of the corresponding center of gravity and the weight. Many hobbyists like to work with the scalpel shape. That’s because it usually consists entirely of aluminum. In addition, it is 75 to 100 grams heavier in contrast to craft knives containing plastic and wooden parts. With a scalpel knife you need less cutting power. Scalpels are longer compared to other craft knives. Many of the brands have a length of 14 to 15 centimeters.

It depends on the blades
No matter which form factor you choose, it is important for a craft knife to have sharp blades. For every form factor they look the same. In addition, you should not compromise on such knife tips. Cheap blades do not break off easily. These become dull just as quickly. This means they quickly reach their limits with cardboard or papyrus. Excellent blades were also developed for model work. If one has awarded a blade set with this addition, then it is suitable for handicrafts of all kinds in any case. From the manufacturing process blades are ideal, in which the steel was ice-hardened accordingly. This means that in this case stainless steel was simply deep frozen with liquid nitrogen and thus is more resistant to breakage.

What can be done about it, when the craft knife is dull quickly
Like an ordinary cook after working his knives again in leather cases or in one suitcaseclean up, which is filled with cloth, so you should always put the plastic protective cover on the appropriate blade. So you protect yourself from possible injury and the steel of the knife from moisture. Another big mistake is when the craft knife is misappropriated. Quickly you cut a substance or eliminates the plastic in the box. Therefore, you should always use a craft knife only for one thing. For example, you have a knife for plastic and one for paper. A craft knife is blunt in particular because of the wrong cutting pad. The best thing to do is to use basalt pads that consist of several layers of PVC. These damage the blade the least. They are normally self-healing in the normal case. This means that you will not see the cuts so fast here.

If you want to see the best results in your craft, you should definitely not save on this knife. The price for a craft knife with blade is about five euros. For a high quality replacement blade you have to expect a cost between 40 and 50 cents. Even the expenses for a cutting pad should be taken into account. Small documents are usually available from 15 euros. Boxes and centimeter units are often already printed on it.

If you are working with children, then you should not forget to put away the craft knife at the end. In addition, it is important to take over the crafting steps, where you can do this Toolneeded.

Craft knives are available from the following suppliers:
– Wedo
– Westcott
– washati
– Wedo
– folia
– Tamiya

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