10 Best hand mixer of 2018

  • Number of Speeds:9
  • Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer with Snap-On Case, White
  • Hamilton Beach 62682RZ Hand Mixer with Snap-On Case, White
  • 7 speed system
  • Soft Start Feature
  • Lockable Swivel Cord
  • Excellent power performance - Hand mixer with a powerful 250...
  • Lightweight Stainless Steel - Electric hand mixer designed...
  • Easy and comfortable use - Practical baking mixer with a...
  • Number of Speeds:9
  • Snap-On case with easy-access door
  • No more lost attachments - includes traditional beaters and...
  • Slower first speed reduces messy splatters
  • MATERIAL:Made of 304 Stainless steel, durable and healthy
  • USES:With shaking bottle/cup, makes your nutrition dissolve...
  • FOR MOST BOTTLES:Suitable for most of bottles with cover,...
  • Product note: the logo design of this item may vary...
  • 250 Watts Peak Power with 6 Speeds
  • Professional Attachments, Lightweight and Ergo dynamic...
  • Handheld blender with 220-watt motor and automatic feedback
  • 5 speed options; slide control easily shifts speeds with a...
  • Swivel cord; extra-long dishwasher-safe beaters;...

Hand mixer advice

On hand mixer represents the kitchen helper that really should not be missing in any kitchen. Because whether hitting, kneading or whisking is announced – one hand mixer creates everything easily and conjures desserts fast and uncomplicated. But hand mixer are not just there to beat whipped cream or to stir a cake dough. You can do much more.

Hand Mixer – General

As a small and above all compact device with a handle and a motor becomes one hand mixer Used in the kitchen very often. As additional equipment has the hand mixer usually additionally beaters, whisk bars or a dough hook, which are used as needed. Nowadays there are hardly any hand-operated models, although these used to be common. Rather, today’s hand mixers have multiple speed levels and the ability to connect additional accessories. The first hand mixers were made in the 1920s, from the blenders of the time. The „Mix“ in the name owes the hand mixer to the 1959 published on the market hand mixer of the manufacturer Krupp, which bore the name Krups 3Mix.

Working principle of the hand mixer

The functional principle of a hand mixer is basically very simple. The whole concept is based on a motor and interchangeable rods. However, there are differences between the respective versions. So the engine power is about 200 to 500 watts, depending on the model. However, the greater power consumption of a mixer does not necessarily mean at the same time a larger power output. Because the hand mixer can also convert the electricity into heat and not use it to drive the stirring rods. Despite this, handmixers with a high wattage perform better, according to various tests.

Accessories of the hand mixer

The hand mixers differ primarily by the accessories. Most models have stir bars and dough hooks. Some models are also equipped with an attachment for pureeing, which usually has an extra connection. In such models, a matching high cup is very often included. Some models with the bowl have a rotating bowl with a holding device for the handset. This is especially useful if you also want to do something different. For this purpose, the device is locked and gets the function of a small food processor. The base also offers the possibility of stowing the stirring rods in such models often. The individual bowls also show differences. So in many cases these are with one splash guardfitted. For example, if the stirrers and kneading hooks are made of iron, they can also be practically attached to the wall via a magnetic stripbe stowed. Because many people have such a magnetic strip on which they also attach knives. Who wants to wash his articles in the dishwasher, should make sure that they are dishwasher-safe.
Are the dough hooks equipped with small discs at the end, which are very useful, since the kneading dough can move along the hook during kneading up. If you are not careful here, the dough may get into the appliance.

Proper handling of the hand mixer

The handling of the hand mixer is very simple and in most cases self-explanatory. But there are still a few aspects to consider when using it. So most models include the indication of how long at a time may be stirred with these. This is how most hand mixers last for about 3 minutes. Some models can work up to 10 minutes at a time. The application of force also plays a major role in the application of the hand mixer. So much more power is used for a kneading dough than for the whipped cream. Therefore, you should always insert pauses while operating the hand mixer. Otherwise, the device may overheat, especially if it is a hand mixer with a high number of wattages.
In general, hand mixers should be used for light tasks. With cream, ice snow and sponge cake, they come out to best advantage. Although they can handle kneading dough, but many models are reaching their limits. The kneading of dough, however, is more likely to be recommended with the hands anyway, because the dough is softened by the body heat and can be easily knead with the hands.
There are also alternative products that can be used instead of a hand mixer in the kitchen, like the Hand blender, of the whiskor the food processor. These should, however, be used in addition to the hand mixer. Because no device is as flexible and handy as the hand mixer, so it simply can not be missing in any kitchen!

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