10 Best Grill pan of 2019

Grill pan guide

Modern grill pans

Modern grill pans are essential in any kitchen as these sturdy basics are not only practical but also incredibly functional. Grill pans are offered in many different versions for sale. Oval, round and even angular models are only examples from this category. In addition, modern grill pans differ in size. Depending on the need or expediency can be decided individually. No matter whether for the private household or commercial purposes, what a Grill pan creates, creates only one Grill pan ,

Strong, robust and simply practical

High quality grill pans are made of raw iron and are therefore stable and absolutely durable in use. In addition, however, coated grill pans are offered for sale. Paint, ceramics, titanium or even diamond dust coatings are the favorites in this area. For special dishes like paella, grill pans with double-sided handles are also often used. These pans can be used directly for serving and visually perfect any rustic table.

Other alternatives

Cast-iron grill pans are ideal for sharply roasting meat dishes. For such can be pan, due to the weight, only very difficult to pivot. In addition, cast pans have a very high heat storage and thus work energy-efficiently. For other dishes such as pancakes or fried potatoes, again high-quality plastic-coated pans, which are usually not so heavy and are good in the hand.

Other advantages

A cast-iron pan should initially be used often, because only after repeated use, a patina, which optimally completes each roasting process. But also stainless steel models are very durable in use and can be heated very strong. Again, the heat is transferred directly to the respective fried food. Furthermore, there are grill pans, which are provided with grooves. In these models, the roast has no direct contact with the ground and gets a nice appealing look. Ideally, these grill pans are suitable for steaks, fish or even vegetables.

Functional and energy efficient

But no matter which pan you choose, the main focus is on the pan bottom, which is used to make direct contact with the heat source. Since modern materials expand when exposed to heat, the bottom of the pan should be slightly curved when cold. Optimal and energy-efficient are, during use, completely straight floors that rest evenly on the hob. In this way, the direct heat output can be optimally transmitted. But the handles play in a good pan no insignificant role. High quality handles do not get hot to avoid possible burns. Today special plastic handles are often used, which survive both the oven heat, as well as the rinse cycle in the machine. The handles must always be tight and should not wobble.

A top seller

To the top sellers in the category Grill pan counts the Savisto pemium cast aluminum. This non-stick grill pan is suitable for gas, induction and electric cookers. This pan is provided with a double-layered non-stick coating that reduces the use of oils and fats. The practical spout allows easy draining of excess liquids. The removable handle for easy housing and cleaning.

The Grill pan from WMF

The WMF 0589674291 Grill pan is also an absolute high light and tirelessly stir-fry steaks, fish and more. This pan is equipped with a Durit-Protect-plus non-stick coating and has a plastic handle with flame protection. This is quality that can be seen in any case and should not be missing in any kitchen.

There are even more grill pans under the same category. Enjoy browsing.

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