10 Best fryer of 2018

  • Choose from 2 sizes 6 QT or the Family Sized 8 QT -Includes-...
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  • Choose from 2 sizes 6 QT or the Family Sized 8 QT -Includes-...
  • All-in-One 1700W Air Fryer, Rotisserie & Pro-Grade...
  • Air Flow Racks For All Over, 360° Air Crisp Circulation
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Fryer Guide

The fryer is one of the most popular home appliances. The reason for this is the diversity, because it can

different dishes can be prepared easily and quickly, for example French fries. With regard to the type and quality, there are very large differences in the devices. Therefore, a lot should be considered in the selection, for example the performance, operability and cleaning.

Deep fryer – indispensable in most households

In the fryer It is a device for baking various foods in hot oil. The process itself is called frying. The fryer belongs to many families as standard equipment. Especially kids love french fries in one ovenoften do not succeed. But also fried meat, fish, vegetables, sweets, etc. can be prepared with this kitchen utensil. Deep fryers are available in different sizes, types and designs. Modern appliances convince with fast cooking times and good operability. Recommended is the following deep fryer:

DeLonghi F 28.311.W1 Rotofreituse

Thanks to the ingenious technology (Roto-Fry system), the device requires 50 percent less fat, which not only has a positive effect on health, but also the amount of energy required, as the basket is inclined in the machine and rotates slowly The result is a very crispy and yummy.One other advantage is the cool-touch exterior walls.This modern fryer convinces with the Easy Clean System. The oil flows easily and cleanly via the drain hose after using the device.

Fryer with hot air function – even healthier food

Hot air fryers require no oil for the preparation of the food, for example foods with a high intrinsic fat content. For other foods, one to two tablespoons are sufficient. The fat content drops to 80 to 100 percent. In addition, more remain vitaminsreceive. Thanks to the hot air circulation, the valuable omega-3 fatty acids in the oils are preserved. The hot air deep fryer is hotter and quicker to use, as the appliance does not have to pre-heat. The regular grease change is eliminated, which saves work, time and money. Another advantage is that the apartment remains free from unpleasant odors and makes cleaning easier. Recommended is the following high quality device:

Princess Digital Airfryer Hot Air Fryer

Deep frying without oil is possible with this modern appliance. The content is suitable for five portions. Special features include adjustable temperature, digital control panel, overheat protection, „ready“ signal, non-slip feet and dishwasher safe accessories.

Buy fryer – what should be respected?

Deep fryers are available in different sizes, shapes and with different functions, technologies and features. The differences should be compared exactly.

* Frying without oil or fat

Who wants to fry without fat and oil, should choose a hot air fryer. The food is turned over in the appliance and made to bite by means of hot air. They are cooked very gently. In particular, the health effect plays in this fryer an important role.

* Deep fryer with rotating basket

A delicious, natural taste is achieved with a fryer that has a basket that rotates slowly. With the rotary basket deep-fryers, the food comes in contact with the fat for a very short time so that they do not become saturated with the oil.

* Power

The performance of the fryer is important in terms of the heating time of the oil. With hot air tools, this fact is insignificant, but care should be taken that the fryer has at least 1300 watts to get a good result.

* Safety

Safety is a very important aspect that should not be spared. These include factors such as anti-slip feet, overheat protection, automatic shutdown, indicator light and housing insulation.

* Handling and cleaning

The deep fryer should be easy to use and clean. An important criterion is, for example, the dishwasher resistance of the components.


These were the tips about the deep fryer. Many dishes simply taste better if fried. Even in the oven, for example, fries, croquettes and chicken wings do not reach the crispness of a fryer. Whether it should be greasier with the cold-zone fryer or healthier with the hot-air device is up to you.

EXPERIMENT: Food in 1000 degrees hot fryer deep fry | PIZZA, HOTDOG, HUBBA BUBBA, etc

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