10 Best fibre tip pen of 2019

  • Pentel
  • Office Product
  • Fiber tip pen
  • Metal pocket clip for easy carrying
  • Water based ink
  • Wallet containing 20 assorted colour fibre-tip pens with...
  • Water-based ink washes out of most textiles easily
  • Sturdy and pressure resistant tip
  • Colour-intensive premium fibre tip pen for strong lines and...
  • High brilliance and luminosity
  • Robust M-Tip
  • Wallet containing 20 assorted colour fibre-tip pens with...
  • Water-based ink washes out of most textiles easily
  • Sturdy and pressure resistant tip
  • Black Fine Permanent Audio/visual Marker
  • This item belongs to Painting and Drawing, artists-markers
  • This item is manufactured in Germany
  • Writing tip is spring loaded (with a polyester ink...
  • Interchangeable with most rollerball refills (it fits the...
  • Ink dries quickly, which is very helpful for left-handed...
  • Pentel
  • Art
  • Quality
  • Pentel
  • Office Product
  • Durable, fiber tip
  • Water-based ink
  • Snap-fit cap

fibre tip pen counselor

Fiber painters, also known as felt pens or colloquially known as felt, are not a new invention. The practical writing, drawing and writing Coloring bookswere invented as early as 1952 and were used as so-called „magic markers“ in American offices. The actual fibre tip pen has existed since 1962 and was marketed by the Japanese company Pentel. Today are fibre tip pen It is impossible to imagine our everyday life without it. They are used by many creative minds, but mainly used by millions of students and kindergartners all over the world. Countless companies today produce practical felt-tip pens, but not every product is recommended. What you should be aware of when buying felt pens, see this article.

Why is that called fibre tip pen also felt-tip pen?

This is because the tip of the fiber painter was originally made of felt. Today, however, the tips are usually made of plastic. In the plastic tip there are fine capillaries, through which the filling color is directed to the surfaces to be painted. Due to the plastic tip, better results can be achieved. Finer and more accurate painting is possible. In addition, the dosage of the liquid is better. Original felt tips often dripped or gave off either too much or too little filling color.

Decide on the purchase of fiber painters for the largest possible number of pens

It is beneficial to choose the largest possible outer packaging with a lot of content – especially if the pens are for your children. Because to let the creativity run wild, many colors and shades should be available. Recommended are packaging containing at least 40 fiber painters. A large amount of fiber painters brings another advantage: Should a pen with a certain color be used frequently and faster than the others fibre tip pen If you are writing empty, you can immediately replace it with a pen of the same color, but with a slightly different color, without having to buy a new one at once.

How should fibre tip pen be designed?

Highly recommended are felt pens, which are shaped so that the fingers do not slip off when painting or writing and are covered in paint. Brand manufacturer Faber-Castell, for example, is launching fiber painters with a patented soft-grip zone. But other manufacturers produce pens that prevent the fingers from slipping off. It can also be helpful not to choose round pencils, but triangular shaped paint pens that are very easy to hold and allow for relaxed writing and painting. It is advantageous if the fiber pens are to be used in different widths. Here are several products offered in which each pin has two fiber tips in different thicknesses. The wide fiber tip is mainly suitable for coloring and the thin tip is more suitable for writing or drawing.

Opt for a branded product from a well-known manufacturer

On the garbage tables of department stores or in cheap shops are very often offered tempting cheap fiber painters. However, these products are urgently to be discouraged because these pens rarely have the high brilliance and luminosity of fiber pens produced by well-known companies. If you choose a branded product, you can usually wash the paint out of textiles, which is often not possible with cheap products. In addition, premium fiber painters of the brand manufacturers are protected from drying out for a long time, while no-name fiber painters are often unusable after only a few hours, once they forget to put on the cap.

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