10 Best espresso cup of 2018

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Espresso cup guide

Espresso is now also one of the more popular coffee drinks in our latitudes. Because unlike the filter coffee by the preparation under high pressure many bitter substances pressed out of the coffee.
The preparation of the best possible espresso is an art in itself and hobby baristas like to lose themselves in the details. Where, however, the spirits divorced in the preparation, it is largely unanimous in cups. Because the right espresso cups are crucial for the enjoyment of the espresso and the elegant serving of the beverage. But what is the point? espresso cup actually on?

Small, classic and made of porcelain

Like coffee cups, espresso cups are dominated by cups made of porcelain. Most espresso cups are only adapted to the shape of coffee cups, which are smaller and usually narrower.
The thick-walled porcelain is also used in Italy and helps not only in the preservation of heat, but also when drawing the crema and a pure enjoyment of all flavors.
In relation to size, the walls of espresso cups are usually a bit thicker than coffee cups. Wall thicknesses around 9mm are the rule here.
An espresso has a typical capacity of 60ml, an espresso Doppio is usually prepared with 80ml. Who knows that he does not drink or serve a double espresso, can therefore also buy smaller cups.
A tip for storage: The support surfaces for coffee cups on the machines are usually more than just decoration. Because of the small amount of an espresso cooled quickly, in warm cups this happens much slower.

Porcelain in (almost) every shape and color

Classically, the espresso cups are made of white porcelain and cut without decorations. Accordingly, these neutral espresso cups fit well in any kitchen and integrate perfectly next to plates and cutlery,
Monochrome accents are also very popular and can be easily adapted to decor and personal taste. If you like it more playful, you will also find classic retro designs with floral patterns, stripes and gold trim. With the appropriate saucers, this stylistically beats the right bridge between kitsch and cult.
When buying espresso cups, it is important to make sure that the handle can actually be used as a handle. For some cups this is just decoration and too small for the finger, in this case, a cup without handle is the stylistically cleaner alternative.

A glass of espresso? – Espresso cups made of glass

But it does not always have to be porcelain, just as many tea drinkers enjoy their tea from a double-walled glass jar, glass espresso cups have also earned a place in every kitchen. The espresso glasses guarantee an even better view of coffee and crema and keep the espresso hot longer.
Between the double glass walls, an insulating layer of air ensures the necessary preservation of the heat. The outer glass is also not hot and that espresso glasscan be easily touched shortly after preparation. Nevertheless, many glass cups have a metal handle as a handle, also to meet the usual drinking habits.
Such coffee and Tea Glassescan also be purchased in sets, so that the glass espresso cups are the supplement for latte macchiato and tea glasses.
Like the porcelain cups, espresso glasses should of course be dishwasher safe, otherwise the traces of time will be very fast.

A short coffee in between

Coffee lovers with a good one coffee machinealso need the right espresso cups for home. An espresso in the coffee potserved cools down too fast and thus loses its typical austere-aromatic taste.
Espresso cups made of porcelain or glass can be perfectly adapted to any kitchen and existing dishesadapt and are timelessly stylish, sometimes playful classic and in any case really practical.
Espresso cups help to tickle the best possible result from the domestic coffee machine out.

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