10 Best Emsa vacuum jug of 2018

  • Magic moments full of flavour; fresh tea with that 'just...
  • Glass inner keeps hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold...
  • Classic tea pot design, porcelain look finish, includes tea...
  • 34-ounce quick-press insulated server with Rosalin durable...
  • Superior heat retention up to 10 hours, cold retention up to...
  • 100% leakproof attractive design fits any décor
  • With high-quality glass liner
  • Comfortable single-handed operation
  • Volume: 33.8 flu .oz
  • Insulated server features double wall construction,...
  • Made of 18/10 stainless steel with hinged lid
  • Heat retention up to 9 hours, cold retention up to 18 hours;...
  • Magic moments full of flavour; fresh coffee with that 'just...
  • Air tight lid, keeps hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and...
  • Easy to clean by hand, stylish gloss finish
  • Magic moments full of flavour; fresh tea with that 'just...
  • Glass inner keeps hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold...
  • Classic tea pot design, porcelain look finish, includes tea...
  • Quick tip insulated server, 12 ounce capacity in white
  • Rosalin hard glass liner offers superior heat/cold retention...
  • Self-sealing lid is easy to open, pour and close with one...
  • Modern colours and a classic, timeless design - perfect for...
  • Glass inner keeps hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours and cold...
  • Easy air tight screw top lid, 100% leak proof, one-hand...
  • KitchenMarket
  • Kitchen
  • Insulated carafe keeps 1 liter of liquid hot or cold for up...
  • Lightweight acrylic with large handle
  • Simple lever to open spout

Emsa vacuum jug guide

Emsa vacuum jugs for long-lasting coffee and tea enjoyment

Apart from the break during working hours, there are many other situations where you need hot coffee or tea in stock. Emsa vacuum jugs are ideal for keeping these drinks hot for up to 12 hours and also to preserve the taste of coffee and tea.
On hot plates or warmerThe coffee quickly loses its aroma, which does not happen in the vacuum jug. Therefore, Emsa vacuum jugs are better for keeping coffee warm.
According to the saying: „What is good against the cold is also good against the heat“, Emsa vacuum jugs are, of course, also suitable for keeping cold drinks fresh for a long time. To increase the cooling effect, you can fill in ice cubes or the opened vacuum jug for a while before refilling fridgeput.
Due to these characteristics, combined with the design that is suitable for vacuum jugs such. As Solera, Pronto or Cascaja is available in different colors, the thermos flasks to the true all-rounder in the household and adapt to any coffee table.
The vacuum jug Aroma Control even has a screw cap on which you can read, depending on the position of the needle, whether your coffee still has enough flavor.
All Emsa vacuum jugs have a five-year warranty

The mode of action of Emsa vacuum jugs

Emsa vacuum jugs are equipped with a double-walled glass or stainless steel piston inside. The mode of action is the same for both versions. Between both walls there is a vacuum that prevents heat from penetrating from the inside to the outside.
The unbreakable borosilicate glass pistons are coated with silver. This coating ensures that the heat radiation is reflected and the heat is held even better in the pot.

The Emsa vacuum jugs in the test

In many tests with different price ranges, Emsa vacuum jugs are on the front places. For these good placements different good qualities were decisive:
· Interaction of function and design,
· Long warming duration,
· Tightness of the locks and
· The suitability for dishwashers for vacuum jugs with stainless steel pistons.

Tips for a long life of Emsa vacuum jug

Leave the vacuum jug open when not in use. This prevents bacteria and odors.
Clean the jug regularly. Turbidities inside reduce the thermal effect of the reflection layer on glass bulbs.
For cleaning, table salt or a dishcloth is dissolved in hot water. After flushing with this solution, the vacuum jug shines again.
A packet of baking soda dissolves in hot water for about half an hour.
Annoying odors can be easily removed with denture cleaner and hot water.
For the removal of calcium deposits, hot vinegar water is suitable.
Do not use a scrubbing solution or bleachuse.
Do not put vacuum jugs in the dishwasher or immerse in rinse water.
For vacuum jugs that are dishwasher safe, remove the cap if possible and place it separately in the dishwasher.
Insulating jugs should not be for the storageused by milk drinks and baby food, as this can also cause bacteria.

Finally, a tip for transport:
Emsa vacuum jugs with a simple screw cap can also be transported horizontally. All other vacuum jugs please transport standing up.

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