10 Best egg slicer of 2018

  • Made in germany.
  • Material:MAde using stainless steel wires and cast aluminum...
  • Easy and ready to use: this easy to use product slices not...
  • Cut your eggs into perfect slices with the stainless-steel...
  • Just place the product right into the dishwasher, without...
  • Travel is simple with the light-weight plastic material
  • Lifetime Brands
  • Kitchen
  • Lifetime Brands
  • Kitchen
  • Length: 5 " Width: 4 " Length: 12 cm Width: 10 cm
  • The removable steel frame makes the egg slicer easy to clean
  • No Bisphenol A added
  • Quickly and easily slice hard-boiled eggs into perfect 5 mm...
  • Holder cradles egg in two directions for round or oblong...
  • Raised handle for easy opening and closing
  • Measures: 8" x 3.25" x 6" / 20cm x 8cm x 15cm
  • Slice, dice and wedge with this easy 3 in 1 compact kitchen...
  • Allows you to cleanly cut eggs, strawberries, fresh...
  • Unique chrome plated egg slicer with 3 cutting faces
  • Slices horizontally and vertically, also cuts wedge-shaped...
  • Ideal for creating chef's salads or egg-based appetizers
  • Gourmia
  • QUALITY EGG SLICER - The ZACAL Egg Slicer Is Perfect For...
  • METAL EGG SLICER - Don't Risk Cutting Your Fingers By...
  • BOILED EGG SLICER - This Stainless Steel Egg Cutter Will...

Egg cutter guidebook

Egg cutter are practical and versatile

quality egg slicer are practical and should not be missing in any kitchen. Quickly and easily cut boiled eggs into thin, appetizing slices. Clean and easy is a Frühstücksei cut in no time. By hand you can not divorce such thin and clean slices. Since the eye always eats with, such a kitchen helper is considered essential. In addition, high quality can be egg slicer also good alienation, because also mushrooms and strawberries can be cut with such a device in fine slices. But, egg slicer Of course, it is not the same egg slicer , because here, too, it depends on the quality. Those who buy cheaply often buy twice and pay in the end. Not everyone egg slicer keeps what he promises. These kitchen helpers always depend on the cutting wires. These should, like the general processing, be stable and robust. With high-quality egg slicers you can cut eggs not only into slices, but also in columns.

Fast, easy and accurate

Whether for the buffet, the breakfast box, the Sunday brunch or just what an egg cutter can do, only an egg cutter can do it. A good egg cutter is easy to use, easy to clean and easy to stow away. In addition, it is the moderate prices that make the practical and functional benefits additionally interesting. Such an egg cutter is simply constructed. It consists of a holder with trough, in which the boiled egg is inserted and fixed. The bow with the cutting wires breaks the egg into handsomely slices or columns. Under the category egg slicer there are only high quality and stable models that promise an effective longevity even with frequent use. Recommended are the models, which are made entirely of metal. They are robust, hygienic, easy to clean and deliver what they promise. Also for this there are many interesting offers, which save the budget and upgrade the kitchen equipment.

The Leifheit 3122 Egg cutter ProLine

One of the favorite egg slicers is the Leifheit 3122 ProLine egg slicer. This handy helper has three functions. It cuts round or oval slices and columns. This model is equipped with sturdy and stainless steel wires and can be used in many ways. The housing is made of solid stainless steel and therefore absolutely durable. The manufacturer guarantees 3 years warranty.

The Fiskars 1016126 Egg cutter FF

Modern, practical and completely reliable are significant features that Fiskars 1016126 Egg Cutter FF fits. This device looks very aesthetic and has been thoughtfully designed. The Fiskars brand stands for quality and sharpness and is always a good choice. The deep rim catches the egg shells, which disappear quickly inside the shell. The modern design also speaks in favor of this functional table unit.

The Gosear egg cutter

The Gosear egg slicer proves to be different yet original. This egg cutter is provided with high quality stainless steel knives. The knives are very sharp and ensure a precise cut. The ease of use and easy cleaning are positive factors that can help make a purchase decision here. This is practical comfort that can be seen in any case.

Even more offers

There are even more egg slicers under the same heading. Here again and again attractive sale offers or latest devices are presented and presented informative. It can be decided individually between brands such as Rösle, Leifheit, Westmark, WMF, Küchenprofi and OXO.

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