10 Best cold cuts box of 2018

  • The Personal Cup Adapter works with your Legacy-Series...
  • Two dual-purpose 20-ounce blending containers become travel...
  • Dishwasher-safe components make clean-up easy....
  • Cold War Kids, Five Quick Cuts
  • Downtown
  • Vinyl
  • Cold War Kids, Five Quick Cuts
  • Downtown
  • Vinyl
  • ★ EXCLUSIVE BONUS BEAST BUNDLE - Offering unrivaled value...
  • #1 INSULATION & TEMPERATURE RETENTION - Over engineered and...
  • #1 PREMIUM QUALITY - While other steel tumblers out there...
  • Volume: 23.7oz. x 3
  • 100 % hygienic: no gaps - no germs
  • Designed to fit standard-sized kitchen furniture
  • Dance Music 1989/90
  • Compact and sturdy
  • The world's most know brand for multi-tools and pocket...
  • Made is Switzerland
  • Includes 1000 square 5.5" sheets
  • Made in the USA
  • Separate foods after storing or freezing
  • Disposable paper plate for lunches, salads, appetizers, and...
  • Coated with the Dixie Soak-Proof Shield, which is composed...
  • Multi-layer paper construction to help resist cuts and...
  • ROBUST & DURABLE CONSTRUCTION - When it comes to our...

Skimmer box guide

Versatile – the cold cuts box

Cold food boxes or food containers are available for purchase in many different sizes, designs and designs. Modern slicing boxes are of course practical and functional at the same time. They keep the contents fresh for a long time and can save space in the fridgebe kept. In addition, these slicing boxes can be placed directly on the table, as they are hygienic and have a very decorative effect. However, that is cold cuts box not equal cold cuts box , because quality never comes by accident and always has its price.

Positive characteristics

Exclusively high quality slicing boxes keep their promise and are durable in use. A good cold cuts box is dishwasher safe, remains dimensionally stable and does not deform even after frequent use. Furthermore, high quality boxes are leak-proof and tasteless. Practical are slicing boxes, which can be stacked and have a practical clip closure. That’s the secret of freshness, which is always the focus of these boxes. A slicing box is equipped with a special fresh-keeping system. These are special seals that guarantee a healthy freshness.

The extensive selection

High quality cold cuts are of course BPA free, because the health aspect should never be forgotten when buying these products. Furthermore, some cold boxes are freeze-proof and therefore frost-resistant. As a practical and original prove also Frischhalteboxen which are versatile and suitable for microwaves. Only high-quality slicing boxes are stable, robust and shockproof. If you have the choice now, you will quickly find your favorite under the category slicing boxes. Between many different models and manufacturers can be selected individually or according to personal criteria.

The Rotho 1702806644 Stacking Box Foodcenter RONDO

Highlights of this category include the Rotho 170280664 Stacking Box Foodcenter RONDO. This 3-part plastic storage box is simple and functional in design. The combination of different sizes makes these boxes so interesting. The comfort leaves nothing to be desired. The stacking boxes provide a space-saving, odor-insulated storageand are suitable for sausage or cheese. The bottom grooves ensure good air circulation. They are also dishwasher safe and dimensionally stable.

Emsa 513561 Slicing box system

Germ-free, hygienic and fresh is the name of the Emsa 513561 Slicing Box System. These boxes are super stackable and fit in any fridge. They are 100% germ-free and hold 3×0.7 liters. The insight through the transparent walls and the protection against moisture are significant features that also speak for this system. The patented face seal ensures germ-free storage of different types of cuts. Of course, this is also Dishwasher safe and BPA free material from Emsa.

The Rosti Mepal fridge box Modula

The Rosti Mepal fridge box Modula captivates first and foremost with its simple design. These stackable slicing boxes look very elegant and made of a special plastic. The capacity is 3x 500 ml with a length of approx. 22.4 cm. In width, they measure about 16 cm and in height: about 8.6 cm. These slicing boxes are food grade and scratch resistant. A practical storage can not be better and simpler.

Even more storage

The clear structure and easy navigation make the search for the optimal cold cuts box very interesting, because of course there are other models of well-known manufacturers. Emsa, Rosti Mepal, Lock & Lock and Rotho are just a few of the manufacturers examples of this category. No matter if it is food boxes, breakfast boxes or slicing boxes, the selection is extensive, varied and always new.

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